Lifehouse – Falling In

This band never failed to make me smile 🙂

just heard their latest song on the radio yesterday, good thing my internet is not acting up that I was able to download the song within 15 minutes.teehihi!

of course the Chorus is my favorite part!

Everytime I see your face
My heart takes off on a high speed chase
Now don’t be scared, it’s only love
That we’re falling in
I would never do you wrong
Or let you down or lead you on
Don’t look down, it’s only love
Baby, that we’re falling in

i also like their song BLIND!


One thought on “Lifehouse – Falling In

  1. musingsofamusiclover says:

    I liked Lifehouse’s first two albums a lot, as different as they were, and their third wasn’t all bad. I just feel like they’re too pop-ified now, though…but I don’t know, maybe my musical tastes changed more than they did.

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