Lazy Monday Morning

yeah i know, its not a good way to start my week. but i just cant help it – i feel soooooooooo effin lazy today – blame it on the hormonal imbalance.

haha poor PMS, oh well its only you that can make me feel this way. your making me sooooo freaking emotional too.

and the gloomy weather makes it worse.

so this is how it feels to have saturday – sunday off , I was about to say not much of a difference of having weekdays off but there is something ODD about weekends off.  psssh, I’m just bored.

wonder if i ever get paid just by doing this? teehihi.

Oh.but i did clean my room, have to do it every week 🙂 got my nails done. I was about to do my laundry but then mama got there first.

BACK TO THE 6O’s tonight at work.

credits to Kris Talikowski – saw this from your flickr & fell inlove with it! – i linked the picture back to your site.  its really amazing.

but I wont come to work wearing my 60’s outfit, we got some VIPs so we have to wear something NICE!


I’ve been checking a lot of pictures online w/ beaches, since its already summer I decided to collect a lot of summer pictures & have it on queue on my tumblr blog, yes I have plans of going to the beach with my family and friends, but then I have to weigh my priorities… going to the beach requires a lot of thinking and planning – haha!

i just finished reading the February and March issue of Cosmopolitan made me “mmmwaaaaahaha” again.

i discover something new in my phone 🙂 geeeeez I’ve had this for more than 2 years and I didn’t realize that that option exists! I will try it again next time that I’ll take a picture.

and to get myself out of the boredomness state I started reading “The Spellbook of Listen Taylor – magic to mend a broken heart”

but my heart is not broken – just shattered (eCHOS!)


oh well.GTG. Nagini is biting my lungs already.LOL!


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