**photo from yahoo.com**

here are my thoughts about what happened. But, forgive me because I woke up in my weirdest state that my thoughts are incomprehensible so most likely my grammars will be weird too.

Well it happened while there are still issues in Libya right? And I just thought that this is a wake up call for the people involved in whatever is going on to Libya and I just hope that, that too will soon be over.

What happened to Japan made every (almost) nation UNITED! And I guess that is what our world needs now.  How many earthquakes , tsunamis and other natural disasters should happen first before we even realized that we have to be really united – as in MAJOR MAJOR UNITED!

It was really devastating.

When I saw the news and the pictures online I can’t help but be sad and alarmed. And my office mate told me that this kind of earthquakes only happens after every 200+ years and if I heard him right, there could be more – they talk about these stuff like every effin day.

I hope that that is that 1st and the last.

It reminds me of the movie 2012 and with everything going on in the world today I can’t help but be scared about it.

The world needs us to save itself. It has always been here for us (and just to quote one of my favorite statements at work) it’s just right for us to return the favor.


~  i don’t wanna be anywhere else in the world but beside my family.