Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

This song is on replay for hours now. And I don’t understand why it affected me so much. It doesn’t sound like my kind of music actually but my ears seems to like it.


I’m reading (still) The Spellbook of Listen Taylor while listening to this song when I thought of cleaning my notebook – as in deleting some pictures that cannot be seen by anyone. I saw this old picture and I thought maybe I can play with it.

Yet another product of boregasm – teehihi, got the word from my friend Cheese.

Oh well. I plan to get some pictures of my friends and then play with it and have it here in blog, just like what I did to Rica’s picture. But she got a lot of pictures that I am interested  to post’s it!

Bacacay Beach

This is Black Sand Beach in Bacacay, Albay

This photo is from my friend Rica when she went to Albay to have a very memorable & fantastic core leave!

that’s her đŸ™‚

and another picture of the beach.

more Albay pictures to come.

Thank you very much Rica for sharing the pictures đŸ™‚