Random Thoughts


its  4AM the 21st of March year 2011
and I have no idea why I’m doing this, there could be a few reasons.
my net is effin slow, i guess we’ve reached the “CAP”, according to my sister if we have reached about 6 GB from downloading stuff online the internet will slow down & it’ll refreshed the following month. that sucks! big time! how many days before APRIL? that means I have to deal with a slow internet connection until that time.

I’m still reading “The spellbook of Listen Taylor” , got hook on it because I’m curious about the secret of The Zing Family. At the same time I’m listening to the soundtrack of the movie “ONCE”, I really think Glen Hansard got an amazing voice , I think he’s a “whew” made me wishing that my future lover will sing to me that way – psssh wishful thinking – pwahaha!

Few days ago I was really really excited because I’m off for 3 days and now that the 3rd day is here i feel nothing but weirdness (lack of a better term) and I can’t even explain why. oh well. this is pretty normal for me to be abnormal sometimes.

I’m also in tumblr, checking out some pics to put on queue, my theme for the month is “Summer” since its summer time, next month I’m thinking of “flowers” as my theme. geeeez, I’m in a state of boregasm again, this should be over soon. Once I’m back to work I should never feel bored again.

I’m still studying/reading some stuff online that will help me at work and I think I’m not really allowed to elaborate on this matter, but so far I’m doing good and ecstatic about the improvements.

I went to SM yesterday with Mum of course, as usual we dropped by at St.Paul’s and I got 2 books added on my “list” its about Positive Thinking.

this is a very random entry. just because I feel like I’ve got nothing else to do but wait on how this day will end when it just started – wonder if this makes sense.

So, what do you think?

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