I need a new effin mouse!

Its the weekends (YAY!) and as usual I will spend most of my time online , stuck in tumblr and reblogging pictures that are somewhat interesting. My friend Rica got a tumblr account too… she is currently uploading pictures from her awesome trips and exploring tumblr. LOL!

I ended the week in a not so good way at work but I promised myself not to dwell on negative thoughts and tonight there will be a MAJOR MAJOR mindsetting to be done.

I have to do this and I know I can, because I am surrounded with awesome people that will surely encourage me to stay optimistic.

And I got a bonus too! Someone is causing me to smile a lot ( I smile too much that sometimes it annoys me ’cause I tend to be out of focus and my thoughts are somewhat drifting away – parang highschool lang!)  Oh well, there’s sooooo many butterflies in my stomach already because of him and then another guy is causing me to feel like there’s Pterodactylus in my stomach with just a mere thought of him – so.yeah. goodluck tummy!

And as my title says “I need an effin mouse!” apparently my mouse is acting weird, as much as I want to do something creative with my pictures I can’t because I can’t buy a new mouse yet…payday is on tuesday night so I have to wait. sigh! I was looking forward to this day because I have a lot of ideas that I want to do with the pictures that I collected, so many thoughts that I want to blog…so many things, guess I just have to deal with what I have, for now.

Oh…just wanna say thank you to the person/people who appreciated my existence, you guys have no idea how I feel right now and I’d rather not tell.chos!

I’m still in cloud nine, no doubt about it.

But working with just the mouse in my notebook.grrr. hate it!

So, what do you think?

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