Meet “Brownout”

I really can’t stop myself from blogging this! She is sooooo effin cute, that’s why i love my dogs very much, they give me love that is totally awesome!

I was eating icecream a few moments before this picture was taken, she is really begging for some icecream but since my it is super loaded with hersheys chocolates I can’t give her anything.  And she looks so serious in this picture, i love her.

Yeah that’s her name Brownout,when she was still a baby, I mean a puppy her face is so dark that you wont see her if she’s like under the bed or somewhere dark or of its like brownout- unless of course she got her eyes open. hehe.

I’m kinda unattractive on this picture,haha…coz I just woke up and I ate icecream as part of my breakfast and I’m only using my celfone  (N6120) I did try to edit the picture but still the quality isn’t that good…

So, what do you think?

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