Happy Moments

This is how I celebrate my day off with my family. Its actually perfect for me, totally relaxing / refreshing… after 5 days of work and before going back to work I am fully charged, happy and inspired.“sepia” me and Lalayne

me and Mum!

“wacky shot”

had the camera on sequence mode so it took 6 shots in a row, Mum and Layne didn’t know so they’re kinda unprepared for it. This is the best shot so far, Mum of course is saying her tagline “Bruha Ka!” hahaha.

Those photos we’re taken on March 13, 2011 , using my 6120 celfone, pictures were edited using Picasa , I’m still trying to learn to edit pictures , obviously its not a product of a pro – haha♥

Mum’s chocolate (from JP’s sister)

Mum’s box of sweeets: this is supposed to be “my shot” only but she wants to join.

:envious , yes I am, she gets to have the entire box of chocolates and I don’t.


“share” much better

:have a bite mum!

♥ these photos were taken March 27 2011, using my celfone again and edited using Picasa


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