warning: the following pictures will make you drool. So have a towel or handkerchief or maybe tissue with you.

My happy food : Selecta’s collection of Hershey’s Chocolate Ice cream, and this is my favorite! Hershey’s kisses!

:Milk chocolate and white chocolate loaded with chocolate chips, cookies and swirls of chocolate fudge! yum yum yum!

:my mum’s altar at the back.

:my sister asked me to smile like that 🙂

:uhm! yum!

:those photos were taken last March 27,2011 | at home | using my 6120’s camera | pictures were edited using Picasa ♥

:right after I got home from work | Mum was the photographer for the day & captured our family picture on the wall.

:Goldee wants some ice cream too, but since its loaded with chocolates I can’t give her any.

:kissing hershey’s kisses 🙂

:i did my best to make this pic look good.but still there’s too much noise, it will definitely take me a while to learn how to edit pictures perfectly.

: those pictures were taken last March 29, 2011 | using my 6120’s camera | Mum & Layne were my photographers. | nowhere else but here in our beloved abode | edited using Picasa & Photoscape ♥

: a very nice monday morning 🙂

: that photo was taken last April 6 2011 | using my 6120’s camera (self – timer) | edited using Photoscape ♥

you think I should get paid for doing this? hahaha!