err, this one is pretty tough. haha. ‘Cause I feel like saying a lot of things about me but I don’t know where to start.

1.I’m fascinated with witchcraft , I have this feeling that I have a witch’s blood running thru my veins.

2.I over-think a lot & this is something that I need to change.

3.I smile a lot if my crush is around

4.I’m working on 3 blogs right now (and i still have a little scribble notebook)

5.I sleep in one side of the bed only.

6.I love music but I guess music has never found its way to love me back – because I have such a HORRIBLE singing voice.

7.I always make a wish when its full moon.

8.I laugh so hard sometimes that it annoys me.

9.I eat sweets (like ice cream, chocolate,cookies) when I’m happy or when I’m sad, when I’m angry or when I’m bored.


So, what do you think?

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