Cold Summer Monday Night

Summer’s here. I can definitely feel the scorching heat of the sun on mid-day, sweaty all day and dyspnea whenever I woke up. Oh well, I know this wont take forever…besides its windy in the afternoon so I only have to use the aircon for about 4 – 6 hours. Err, goodluck to our electric bill.

Two weeks in a row that I’m off for 3 days, wow! I love it! And I must admit that whenever I have long weekends I’m less productive because my lazy-ass gets in the way all the time. I’m sleeping for 10 – 12 hours.Talk about hibernation my friend.

Enihoos(anyways) last saturday night was a BLAST!!! I was expecting for those kind of moments but when it was there I’m like woah! Forgive me if I really can’t put it into details – we’re not allowed to.

But here’s a picture of me and my good friend Jut

I finally got a floral picture that I can share in tumblr (LOL), but I have more pictures wearing that floral skirt. Mum made that skirt for me, got the idea thru tumblr of course.

oh, never mind that American Blvd bag, it ruined the picture. haha

Thank you Rica for the picture!

Palm Sunday, well just like any other Sundays it was spent with my Mum and sister Lalayne – girl bonding again, told them what happened last Saturday night – hehehe. Thought I was going out that day too with other people, I was a bit hesitant to go but when I was about to say yes the person asking me just stop talking. Haha.whatever!

And today – pretty much spent most of the time  blogging and editing pictures.  I finally got the book I’ve wanted to buy for about a month already, “Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions” Principles of Personal and Professional Success  by Dr. Arnold and Dr. Barry Fox – the first few pages of the book made me smile already.

And I can’t wait to go back to work and prove what I have to prove to myself.

Laughtrip with my team mates again, omg I can’t stop laughing when I’m at work – but I still miss my previous team mates.

I can’t wait to see the guy who used to be the apple of my eye, now he is such a sore – oh boy! that was mean, I’m sorry. Ok, I’ll just do this

Ew Pictures, Images and Photos

Bitter. yes I am.

And you know what I’m starting to dislike facebook, that thing knows how to disappoint me – suddenly it creates some emotions that I don’t ever wanna feel.Oh well, so much for my happy effin ending.

Oh yeah, last saturday too The Script was here but what I’m waiting for is Incubus on July 28, 2011 YAY!


Six things you wish you’d never done.

1. I wish I never said “no” when deep inside I want to say “yes”

2.I wish I never said “yes” on stuffs that I should say “no”

3.I wish I never talk too much on moments that I should be silent.

4.I wish I never bought shoes that are cheap & can only be use for 5 days – hehe.

5.I wish I didn’t overspent on unnecessary stuffs.

6.I wish I never frowned on moments that I should be smiling!

I really thought I’m gonna have a hard time fulfilling this one, because I did so many things that I wish I never did but going back to my memories I realized that those mistakes taught me a good lesson. And I don’t wanna be so “specific and detailed” so I just thought of the common mistakes that I do.

This has been a busy week for me and time seems to be so fast when I’m busy. Have to catch up on so many things.                    be back later.