Saturday, April 23

Pardon me, but I can’t think of a better title for my entry today. Psssh, I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours now, so my brain is kinda half-dead.

Well, we had our 1st Team Building @ Army Navy, too bad we’re not complete. Ching & Mommy Liz we’re not there.  But it was fun, as usual laughtrip to the max and I like their quote, its like “come in hungry, go home happy” – indeed we all went home HAPPY!

I had their (uhm) fearless fried chicken – the food reminded me of Taylor Swift idk why, I like the chicken ( as usual I gave away the chicken skin, I don’t like it ) it taste good , but I think Jollibee’s chickenjoy is better 🙂 I feel bad that I wasn’t able to take a picture of my food, Rica brought her prof cam pa naman.

Speaking of her prof cam I played with it, I love taking pictures and I kinda like experimenting on how to take photos, trying different angles…but of course my shots are not that good.

I’ll get my own prof cam soon!

And aside from saving (if I can) for a prof cam I will also save for Incubus concert here in Manila on July 28 – yehey!

After having lunch in Army Navy, me, Rica, Zandy, Boss E w/ Ethan and yaya went to ATC to eat ice cream. And of course I had cookies & cream in FIC, my favorite!

work: I am pretty much amazed with the improvements and I have my fingers crossed all the time aside from “mind-setting” everyday. I hope this will continue, as long as I’m working there. haha! I’m just glad that I’m working with people who are really really helpful.

I’ve been pretty optimistic the entire week and I feel great with the positive results that I’m getting. The Law of Attraction. I am a firm believer of that. I have doubts but when I noticed myself doing positive actions resulting to positive outcomes I started believing in myself. I can do this because I deserve to get what I want!

But I have some negative emotions too. The only aspect in my life wherein I get so negaaaaaa, so no wonder I haven’t got any positive results on this. And because of this I have the biggest question now. What makes her so much better than me?

I used to have a HUGE crush on this guy, whenever I see him from afar even when he’s not smiling at me I get so kilig! And when a friend introduced me to him, sobra, feeling ko talaga tumigil yung mundo, leche! parang highschool lang ang dating.

Tapos pag makakasalubong ko pa – err naku! ang sarap himatayin.

But I got turned off – BIG TIME!

Just like Alanis M. song “ironic” – its meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his freaking wife! – ay syota lang pala!

Haha. here comes bitterness again. But not really, I guess I wasn’t just expecting that a guy like him would actually fall for someone like her. He is such a cutee! He looks smart, I heard he’s rich too, he got a freaking amazing singing voice and damn he is just a guy —- that I can really fall in love with.

But when I heard about his girl and her effin life and everything else about her – eto lang talaga nasabi ko “sayang ka boy!”

I just wish it was someone better, I’m not saying na ako nalang, but at least someone who’s not as complicated as her.  Someone who’s not married, doesn’t have a kid, doesn’t have an ex-bf who is such a freak and at least a better body that can compliment his.

you get what I mean ?

and this is just me ranting and letting go of the negative vibes. I know ice cream and chocolates or anything sweet makes me happy but sometimes its better to just vent out.

At least my “real friends” are telling me that I am sooooooo much better than her.  He may not know it at siya lang yun at least mas madami ang nagsasabi na “MAS MAGANDA AKO DUN” – ok na yun sa’ken. ahaha!

It only means that he is not Mr.Right – ang baba pala ng standards niya. I remember this line sa “Green Rose” yung show nila Jericho Rosales & Anne Curtis.  I think it was Alessandra de Rossi who said this line “sakit yata ng matatalinong tao ang pagiging tanga sa pag-ibig” – mhm, right on the spot!

ok,enough of the nega emotions!

I’m waiting for Mr.Ambidextrous.

Last Monday morning had some effin photoshoot under the sun.  Here are some of the photos.

that’s me of course! Feel na feel ang pagiging model “kuno”

|my black top is from Genevieve Gozum | skirt is from my Mum ( she made it for me ) | bought my wedges @ StepRite | necklace from a boutique in Pop Culture (Alabang Town Center)

Location : rooftop namin.

Photographer : my sister Lalayne, using her celfone’s (samsung) camera.

pictures were edited using and Photoscape.

| rays of the sun

those are for real, hindi camera effect yung rays ng sun.

:going up.


more pictures to come!