TGIS & thank God everybody’s smiling (for my team)

After almost 2 months of being together for the first time (except for me and Rica) we finally had our first lunch as a team. Hoooray!

As promised, I am now proudly blogging about my team mates. It took me the entire night to really come up with the best “idea” on how to blog about my new friends.

A brief history, as for me and Rica we’re the only people left from the original team (Team Erica), the re-shuffling happened last month in which almost everyone disagreed with it, even I didn’t feel good about it but with the words of wisdom from my Boss , I have learned to accept the bittersweet truth. Change is inevitable anyways.

Our first day as a team was pretty awkward for me because Rica was on her core leave and Boss wasn’t there during the early part of the shift. I don’t know how to approach my new team mates , I was a bit shy though I met John days before the re-shuffling. To this day, I can’t remember who the first person I ever talk to , as in really talk – the getting to know each other part. get what I mean?

I know Katy asked me if I’m from team Erica (course I said yes) and I know I said hello to John.

Enihoos (anyways) It just so happened that a few of us got some errors when we tried to do some “business requirements” stuff, so for like 2 or 3 days , some of us were not taking calls so we got the chance to really know each other – and just like a chameleon it was easy for me to blend in with their “trip” . Apparently they’re cool people, we laugh everyday, we play jokes on everyone at every team meeting / huddle. Happy bunch of people and I would say we’re the noisiest team at work. hehe.

Katy, Kenchi (I call him tatay because he resembles shinetz a bit) and Caloy we’re team mates. John is the only one from Team B as well as Oziel who came from Team S. Ching is from Team M, Mommy Liz from Team J. Mimi is from Team A and I’m not sure if Myla is with her or if she is from Team J. Zandy but I like to call her by her real name which is Zandra (i think her name is pretty) is from Team S.

 ok just so that I wont get in trouble in my job I’d rather not disclose too much information about the people in there and how we exactly do our job.

and here are some of our pictures last saturday. Credit goes to Rica of course, pictures were taken using her prof cam.

|@ the parking lot (left to right) me(joyce), Katy, Zandra, Boss E, Mimi and Myla

|same peeps , the peace sign is very common in picture takings right?

|the new trip for picture-taking “The Jump Shot” ; yun ngalang hindi sakto yung talon sa pagkuha ng picture, yung iba nakababa na and that’s Kenchi doing the Super Mario Jump.

|oh well I got the best jump right there. Mimi’s hair was left on the air – err that rhymes. haha.

The following pictures will make you smile. If not then press alt + F4 😀

Location: Army Navy in Westgate,Alabang & Alabang Town Center

|Ozzie, TinTin (Caloy’s GF), Caloy and Kenchi (he loves showing off his tongue)

|standing : Rica, Boss E , Zandra | sitting Mimi, Myla, Katy

|Guest of Honor – the super cute Ethan!

|the bittersweet blogger – me, no colors because my blush is broken 😦

|Zandra and me (doing the B-E-A-M smile again)

|the smiling Mimi

|the Chinky eyed Katy

|Sweet smiley Myla

|elegant smile from Rica

|Gorgeousness Smile by Boss E

|di ako masyadong masaya SMILE goes to Zandy.

other pictures:

|Mommy Mode – sweeeeeeet!

|Rica and Zandry – parang hindi sa Pinas kuha tong picture nila.

|hehe, I took this picture 🙂

|Zandy and Rica again – nice pose!

| Angel – a 7 year old kid with “dwarfism”,we met her @ ATC

|Kenchi as Justin Bieber , 50 years later. LOL

That’s it. Mum’s calling me already, haven’t proofread my entry yet…so excuse my wrong grammars and misspelled words.