Year of Sequels and Marvel films – nice!

Late in 2010 I went over the list of films that will be release this year (thru wikipedia of course) I felt bad because I miss a lot of good films last year so I kinda wanted to watch all the movies that I really like this year, unfortunately during the 1st quarter I wasn’t succesful – how pathetic?!?

When I saw Fast Five on the list I promised myself that I will watch this no matter what happen! I missed the 2nd , 3rd and 4th part already and I kinda hated myself for not doing anything to see those parts; the fact that I ♥ Paul Walker really made me feel so bad!

He got a bit of resemblance to Brandon Boyd , which is my ultimate crush ( please let me have him.chos! ).  I am also a fan of Vin Diesel and he never failed me to make me drool – just kidding!

But having Dwayne Johnson ( a.k.a The Rock )  on that movie made it so ultimately awesome! I’ve been such a fan ever since his world wrestling days – “Can You Smell lalalalala what The Rock is cooking?” I think that’s what he used to say , haha. Its been a looooooong effin time, I remember watching wrestling with my sister when we were in highschool.

I really enjoyed the movie, Tyrese & Ludacris made me laugh so much, Dwayne Johnson’s character is funny too.

They look like brothers , I remember Vin Diesel’s line “This is Brazil” and everyone else had their gun pointed at Dwayne and his team.

I was with my mom , Rica and Zandy – watched the movie last saturday after we got off from work. And I never thought that Zandy loves Kung Fu Panda, she was all laughing and giggling upon seeing the trailer , I was surprise to see her in that mode. I know she laughs a lot but I never thought that Kung Fu Panda can make her laugh that much!

Oh yeah Kung Fu Panda part 2 will be release on the latter part of May.

It’s noticeable that this year is packed with a lot of movie sequels and a lot of “action”, as in, with the fighting and all that jazz.

As we all know and a lot of people are actually waiting for the 2nd half of Harry Potter 7, then after how many years the 4th part of Scream has been released ,then there’s Diary of the wimpy kid part 2 .

Captain Jack Sparrow is back too, – yet this is another movie that makes me feel bad ’cause I didn’t get to see all parts of it. Though this time, Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley is no longer in the movie…they got Penelope Cruz this time.

Another XMEN movie, last time they had the story of  Wolverine. Now they have Professor X and Magneto – this is something interesting 😀

Other sequels : Cars 2 , Spy Kids 4, Transformers (oh my Shia LeBouf ) , Final Destination 5 – I thought the 4th was the end of it, I kinda didn’t like it. Shrek’s friend Puss in Boots got his own movie too. Happy Feet Part 2 and Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Pt.1

Alvin and the chipmunks got a 2nd movie too.

Action packed films – there’s a lot! I can’t go back to the list again, I’m kinda sleepy. Back to work tonight! And next week I’m off to Pangasinan and Baguio! YAY! I am so excited about it!

Next movie on my list is : of course :

I’d probably watch this as soon as I got home from vacation 🙂

Mama’s Day

This is me and my grandmother, I’m her 1st grandchild and I would usually spend my summer with her and my grandfather in Pangasinan. I call her “Lola (Grandmother in english) Palising” but her real name is Felicidad. I miss her and I can’t wait to go home in Pangasinan by the end of this month. I just hope that its not raining by that time, because we’re also planning to go to Baguio just for one day.

Interesting facts about my Lola:

|she started smoking at the age of 12 – I remember her telling me that when I asked her why she’s smoking.
|They have 7 children, they were born in a cool way (lack of a better term) but to better explain it, 2 girls, 1 boy, 2 girls again then 1 boy, and then 1 adopted girl [my mum was the 1st child, followed by Tita Meng, then Tito Romeo, and then Tita Dina followed by Tita Leth their last child was Tito Junior and then they adopted Marivic]
|She’s been married to my grandfather for a little over 50 years (wow!)
|The nail of her index finger on her right hand is a little small, she told me it got hurt during the Spanish Regime.
|She got a huge mole (or some would call it a live mole) on her face and so as my mum (but mum got rid of it)
|Sometimes she smokes with the other end inside her mouth.
|She’s smaller than me.
|She’s very emotional, she cries easily (now I know why I cry easily too)
|She’s amazingly cool!

And I thought of having her on this entry because without her, I wont have the next person in my life…and without both of them, I wouldnt be brought to life.

this is my “MOTHER” of course

Picture taken last May 1st, 2011 at Shakey’s in Festival Mall,Alabang.

Recently I’ve been calling her “Mother” in a very gay way, haha.

Here’s a funny story, it was raining so effin hard with the lightnings & thunders, me and mother were doing the laundry, tapos biglang kumulog ng super lakas that it made me jump from my sit and run to her screaming “waaaaaah, mama natatakot na ako” as in super napayakap ako sa kanya, and she laughed at me.  That moment, made me feel like I’m a little girl (am I not?) again running to her mother whenever she’s scared. bwaahaha!

Cool facts about “Mother!”

|Her name is Florida (actually they have a bit of a weird name)
|As the 1st child she needed to work at an early age of 12, so she wasn’t able to really finish school.
|She’s the best tailor in town 🙂
|She gave birth when she was 27 years old (I think)
|She worked for Lakeview Garments where she met my father.
|She doesnt have any vices ( as in no smoke , no alcohol, no gambling )
|She got funny stories when they were kids.
|She is the “BESTEST” mom!

There, the 2 most important mothers for me.

And of course , Happy Mother’s Day to all the “Mamas” in the world! You totally rock!!!

Random People

Hahaha.Lakas trip lang.

Victim No. 1

| Ang tindero ng prutas sa kanto , ilang beses ko na siyang naabutan na tulog sa ilalim ng puno at mukha namang nag-eenjoy siya. Kaya “walang basagan ng trip!”

|Siya sa Juan Tamad , talagang nakataas pa ang shirt ni Kuya.

|pictures were taken using the camera of my Nokia 6120, edited using Photoscape

Who will be the next victim?

It might be you, hahaha!

So little time so much to do.

This has been like one of my busiest week in my entire life (exaggerating) but it feels like it, started with the last day of April up to this moment it feels like everything is happening so fast and I feel like I cannot keep up with it.

But anyways, as usual my day offs means “family day” and as much as I want to elaborate what happened during the weekends, it’ll be better that I describe it with pictures. As for the moment I am sooooo lazy to upload the new pictures (blame it on my hormonal imbalance), but I will definitely upload it soon.

The thing that’s really bothering me , well not really bothering its more of like “I think about this all the time and doing my best not to assume and overthink” moment is “the monday night dinner”

It was pretty awkward for me.

The place is nice… it makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii (which is one of the place that I really want to go to), love the paintings on the wall as well as the surfboard – I believe I mention that I want to learn how to surf (seriously) – music is just fine and I thought that it’ll be better if they played 311 songs, but it was cool.

The food was great! I’m a big fan of liempo so I really enjoyed it , Bagnet was nice that was the first time I had that and I like it (of course I didn’t eat the veggies). We had ice cream too so I would say that tummy is pretty much satisfied 🙂

The guy is amazing , that’s just because he never failed to make me happy. We were laughing like the entire time. But uhm, he waited for like an hour haha traffic last night is so horrible that I’m almost on the verge of cursing Maynilad for the freaking abala! Very nice of him to buy something for my mom.

Ako lang talaga ang panira sa moment “ay naku Joyce! ano ba ginagawa mo sa buhay mo?”

I remember pretty much everything, I guess it just feel weird that I’m with him , I know we used to be together and have “laugh trip” like all the time but idk I guess I’m just trying to hold my horses

– according to Paulo Coelho “emotions are like wild horses” I guess that’s from the book Brida. 

I used to like him , I used to have like a huge crush on him and yes I was adamant with my feelings before just because I’m overthinking…I was able to let go of my feelings for a moment there, when I had a crush with someone else but with what’s happening now there is definitely a chance that I would fall for him again, but then ayokong magsalita ng tapos and again I don’t want to assume anything , nothing good will happen if I overthink so I’m taking everything as it is – not putting too much meaning  on everything that he does.

But don’t get me wrong I appreciate everything that he’s doing, I appreciate it very much!

Now that I was able to blog about it I can now go to sleep.

good effin night people!