Mama’s Day

This is me and my grandmother, I’m her 1st grandchild and I would usually spend my summer with her and my grandfather in Pangasinan. I call her “Lola (Grandmother in english) Palising” but her real name is Felicidad. I miss her and I can’t wait to go home in Pangasinan by the end of this month. I just hope that its not raining by that time, because we’re also planning to go to Baguio just for one day.

Interesting facts about my Lola:

|she started smoking at the age of 12 – I remember her telling me that when I asked her why she’s smoking.
|They have 7 children, they were born in a cool way (lack of a better term) but to better explain it, 2 girls, 1 boy, 2 girls again then 1 boy, and then 1 adopted girl [my mum was the 1st child, followed by Tita Meng, then Tito Romeo, and then Tita Dina followed by Tita Leth their last child was Tito Junior and then they adopted Marivic]
|She’s been married to my grandfather for a little over 50 years (wow!)
|The nail of her index finger on her right hand is a little small, she told me it got hurt during the Spanish Regime.
|She got a huge mole (or some would call it a live mole) on her face and so as my mum (but mum got rid of it)
|Sometimes she smokes with the other end inside her mouth.
|She’s smaller than me.
|She’s very emotional, she cries easily (now I know why I cry easily too)
|She’s amazingly cool!

And I thought of having her on this entry because without her, I wont have the next person in my life…and without both of them, I wouldnt be brought to life.

this is my “MOTHER” of course

Picture taken last May 1st, 2011 at Shakey’s in Festival Mall,Alabang.

Recently I’ve been calling her “Mother” in a very gay way, haha.

Here’s a funny story, it was raining so effin hard with the lightnings & thunders, me and mother were doing the laundry, tapos biglang kumulog ng super lakas that it made me jump from my sit and run to her screaming “waaaaaah, mama natatakot na ako” as in super napayakap ako sa kanya, and she laughed at me.  That moment, made me feel like I’m a little girl (am I not?) again running to her mother whenever she’s scared. bwaahaha!

Cool facts about “Mother!”

|Her name is Florida (actually they have a bit of a weird name)
|As the 1st child she needed to work at an early age of 12, so she wasn’t able to really finish school.
|She’s the best tailor in town 🙂
|She gave birth when she was 27 years old (I think)
|She worked for Lakeview Garments where she met my father.
|She doesnt have any vices ( as in no smoke , no alcohol, no gambling )
|She got funny stories when they were kids.
|She is the “BESTEST” mom!

There, the 2 most important mothers for me.

And of course , Happy Mother’s Day to all the “Mamas” in the world! You totally rock!!!

So, what do you think?

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