one day trip to Baguio

May 22, 2011 Sunday : 2nd day of our Grand Vacation

camera:SAMSUNG PL101

|@ the bus stop

|me and mum , Victory Liner

|green fields…mountain. very pleasant view while inside the bus.

|1st stop : Baguio Cathedral, it was a Sunday so it really is a must to attend the mass, and to my surprise there’s a small cage there with parrots and other kind of birds. As expected the place is too crowded.

|the tour guide: my cousin “bonbon” , I grabbed his shirt but then it was too loose hihihi. And yeah that’s my mum…|Lunch @ SM Baguio , we bought our foods @ “KAMIMURA” , which was a good choice since they have big servings 1 meal is enough for me and mum 🙂

|B-E-A-M smile, busog na…ready to conquer Baguio again. haha

|still at SM Baguio, enjoying the cold weather.

|my sister, mum and me 😀

|Pretty Roses for sale

|Me and Mum, Pink Sisters Cathedral (Bawal mag-ingay dito)

|the tour guide, me and JP (my sister’s bf) , taking pictures while waiting for mother who was inside praying for like 20 – 30 minutes. Well, we couldn’t blame her though, this is our 1st time to visit this place so she took a lot of time to really pray & wish.

|Bon Lalayne (my sister) and JP

|i got tired of waiting so I sat on the plant box.hehe

|someone made my vacation worth it though he’s miles away , constant communication is the key…

|Really have to stop & take a picture in front of the famous “white house” one of the most haunted place in Baguio, saw the movie about this place too.

|who wouldn’t laugh at this?

|After buying some Ube Jam at Good Shepherds we took pictures at the garden next to it.

|lovebirds in the garden.

|last stop for the day : Botanical Garden, we didn’t stay that much because it was drizzling.  A flower right on top of my head,haha.

|wacky shot is always a must!

|The Fog : on our way back to my grandparent’s house in Pangasinan.

It was pretty much a good day , we love Baguio if only we can stay for a little bit more and only if it wasn’t raining it would have been way so much better. On my next vacation I’ll make sure to have more time here.

have to go over the photos again…will post pictures together with my adorable cousins.