Bahay ni Lolo at Lola

This is where we usually go during “vacation” time!

Pozzorubio, Pangasinan

|That’s me in front of the house,our 3rd day and yes I didn’t change my dress. I slept with that dress despite the fact that I was wearing it the entire day when we were in Baguio & got caught in the rain too.

|The house is surrounded with green fields and that house is the closest one from my grandparent’s place.

| “walking away” naaaah, I am just looking for my grandfather

| Mango Tree – it was an old Mango Tree

: found my baby cousin (Oliver) w/ Grandpa, doing some farm stuff ( i cant think of a better term , ahaha )

and since they’re busy , me , my sister ( Lalayne ) and her bf decided to walk and take some pictures of the stuff you’ll see there.

: “Jackfruit” one of my favorite!

: “heart” that’s my sister & her bf, I asked them to do it the other way around…but unfortunately they can’t.hehe.

: Good morning Joyce pt.1

: Good morning Joyce pt.2 ( with zit on my chin )

:Hello Sunshine – me & my sister, I was just stepping on a rock so it seems like I’m tall as my sister.

: too bright that you can’t see our faces. haha, we haven’t explored the options on the camera when this pic was taken.

: Green Fields & Blue Sky – this is on the other side of the house.

: “Lolo” there is my grandfather.

: The Elf – haha, that’s my cousin Sasa ( we call her Sasa but her real name is Rissalyn ), she looks cute sitting like that on her chair while watching the boys.

: There he is again, watching the boys.

: me and Lolo

: The boys – playing basketball – Bonbon, Oliver and JP

: The punishment – 😀

: Having fun yet?

: Flores de Mayo – according to Mum.

: hair twirl  – my sister got some leaves on my hair so I kinda whip it. LOL!

: The climbing brown goat – getting more kamachile leaves.

Goat : How dare you take a picture of me while I’m climbing and eating?

Me: sorry goat!

ha ha ha

: “Tisoy” – I think he likes attention, even smiled at the camera – or maybe its just me thinking that he is smiling.

We decided to go to Lola Remy’s place , which is a just a few walks from my Grandparent’s house. As usual I took some pics while we’re on the way.

: white goat in a very nice pasture.

I think it didn’t mind that I took his picture unlike the brown goat. haha!

: Green field…a few trees…mountain…blue/white sky.

: Pasture.

: Kids – cute!

: heart shaped sayote – IDK the english term for sayote, haha. But I like it, it was in fact our dinner that day

: peaches &  fresh strawberries from Baguio – grapes? haha, the grapes are fake, I think its quite obvious.


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