random thoughts for today

The thing with new beginning is that something has to END … something has to end – gossip girl.

Am i really going to turn my back and walk away?

They say that you can only let go of the past and forget someone if you learn how to appreciate someone else.

And I hate regrets, life is short for me to go back into my past and try to correct every mistake I made.

If I was wrong to say those words or ask those questions then so be it. I am not gonna take them back. Though at the back of my head I’m telling myself that “I should have not said that”, feeling sorry for myself.

I thought the I miss yous , constant communication and calling me “bebe” would mean something else, but I guess I was wrong.  It made me happy though, for a moment there you made me feel complete.

I’ll find a way to get over this feeling soon.

All of a sudden I feel a little excited to go back to work again, because someone is causing me to have butterflies in my stomach with just one smile.

But you are totally incomparable to him.

I feel miserable because I miss you.

I needed you but I don’t think you feel the same way.

I asked if I can stay but you didn’t say anything & you didn’t give me any reason to do so.

There goes the pterodactylus in my stomach.