random thoughts for today

The thing with new beginning is that something has to END … something has to end – gossip girl.

Am i really going to turn my back and walk away?

They say that you can only let go of the past and forget someone if you learn how to appreciate someone else.

And I hate regrets, life is short for me to go back into my past and try to correct every mistake I made.

If I was wrong to say those words or ask those questions then so be it. I am not gonna take them back. Though at the back of my head I’m telling myself that “I should have not said that”, feeling sorry for myself.

I thought the I miss yous , constant communication and calling me “bebe” would mean something else, but I guess I was wrong.  It made me happy though, for a moment there you made me feel complete.

I’ll find a way to get over this feeling soon.

All of a sudden I feel a little excited to go back to work again, because someone is causing me to have butterflies in my stomach with just one smile.

But you are totally incomparable to him.

I feel miserable because I miss you.

I needed you but I don’t think you feel the same way.

I asked if I can stay but you didn’t say anything & you didn’t give me any reason to do so.

There goes the pterodactylus in my stomach.

Bahay ni Lolo at Lola

This is where we usually go during “vacation” time!

Pozzorubio, Pangasinan

|That’s me in front of the house,our 3rd day and yes I didn’t change my dress. I slept with that dress despite the fact that I was wearing it the entire day when we were in Baguio & got caught in the rain too.

|The house is surrounded with green fields and that house is the closest one from my grandparent’s place.

| “walking away” naaaah, I am just looking for my grandfather

| Mango Tree – it was an old Mango Tree

: found my baby cousin (Oliver) w/ Grandpa, doing some farm stuff ( i cant think of a better term , ahaha )

and since they’re busy , me , my sister ( Lalayne ) and her bf decided to walk and take some pictures of the stuff you’ll see there.

: “Jackfruit” one of my favorite!

: “heart” that’s my sister & her bf, I asked them to do it the other way around…but unfortunately they can’t.hehe.

: Good morning Joyce pt.1

: Good morning Joyce pt.2 ( with zit on my chin )

:Hello Sunshine – me & my sister, I was just stepping on a rock so it seems like I’m tall as my sister.

: too bright that you can’t see our faces. haha, we haven’t explored the options on the camera when this pic was taken.

: Green Fields & Blue Sky – this is on the other side of the house.

: “Lolo” there is my grandfather.

: The Elf – haha, that’s my cousin Sasa ( we call her Sasa but her real name is Rissalyn ), she looks cute sitting like that on her chair while watching the boys.

: There he is again, watching the boys.

: me and Lolo

: The boys – playing basketball – Bonbon, Oliver and JP

: The punishment – 😀

: Having fun yet?

: Flores de Mayo – according to Mum.

: hair twirl  – my sister got some leaves on my hair so I kinda whip it. LOL!

: The climbing brown goat – getting more kamachile leaves.

Goat : How dare you take a picture of me while I’m climbing and eating?

Me: sorry goat!

ha ha ha

: “Tisoy” – I think he likes attention, even smiled at the camera – or maybe its just me thinking that he is smiling.

We decided to go to Lola Remy’s place , which is a just a few walks from my Grandparent’s house. As usual I took some pics while we’re on the way.

: white goat in a very nice pasture.

I think it didn’t mind that I took his picture unlike the brown goat. haha!

: Green field…a few trees…mountain…blue/white sky.

: Pasture.

: Kids – cute!

: heart shaped sayote – IDK the english term for sayote, haha. But I like it, it was in fact our dinner that day

: peaches &  fresh strawberries from Baguio – grapes? haha, the grapes are fake, I think its quite obvious.

too much effort…

I just thought of this during the weekend…and for me this is sooooo retarded ( forgive me if that sounds a bit rude , I can’t help it ).

Why spend too much effort in getting someone back when it is so much easier to get someone better?

When it’s over, it is really over…it means you have to move on. Have some dignity or respect for yourself. Learn to love yourself again because during those moments that you’re madly inlove with that someone at some point you have loved yourself a little less.

So that amount of love for yourself that was lost, you have to take it back.

Some girls doesn’t understand this or maybe they do, they just refused to accept it.

Some girls would need to spend a night with their girlfriends,get drunk and just vent out. Some would need harsh words only for them to realize that its a mad mad world out there. Either way , acceptance is the key.

I’ve read this somewhere…

“Love is like drinking beer. Once you get too much of it, you begin to act stupid”

Too much love can be a crime ( at least that’s what I thought ) , uncontrolled emotions towards someone can make you a very possessive partner.Overruling.Selfish. ( sooner or later you’ll act like a monster )

And that’s not how love is supposed to be.

Has to be passionate not aggressive.

This is my favorite: 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

If you can’t make someone love you back then let it be. You can never force someone to love you the way you want them to. You are only making a big fool out of yourself. How pathetic can you be?

someone made me feel bitter again, that’s why my thoughts are kinda weird…yes I am overthinking. Which is basically the reason why I have this blog. Excuse the wrong grammars, I am a bit sleepy…teehihi.

one day trip to Baguio

May 22, 2011 Sunday : 2nd day of our Grand Vacation

camera:SAMSUNG PL101

|@ the bus stop

|me and mum , Victory Liner

|green fields…mountain. very pleasant view while inside the bus.

|1st stop : Baguio Cathedral, it was a Sunday so it really is a must to attend the mass, and to my surprise there’s a small cage there with parrots and other kind of birds. As expected the place is too crowded.

|the tour guide: my cousin “bonbon” , I grabbed his shirt but then it was too loose hihihi. And yeah that’s my mum…|Lunch @ SM Baguio , we bought our foods @ “KAMIMURA” , which was a good choice since they have big servings 1 meal is enough for me and mum 🙂

|B-E-A-M smile, busog na…ready to conquer Baguio again. haha

|still at SM Baguio, enjoying the cold weather.

|my sister, mum and me 😀

|Pretty Roses for sale

|Me and Mum, Pink Sisters Cathedral (Bawal mag-ingay dito)

|the tour guide, me and JP (my sister’s bf) , taking pictures while waiting for mother who was inside praying for like 20 – 30 minutes. Well, we couldn’t blame her though, this is our 1st time to visit this place so she took a lot of time to really pray & wish.

|Bon Lalayne (my sister) and JP

|i got tired of waiting so I sat on the plant box.hehe

|someone made my vacation worth it though he’s miles away , constant communication is the key…

|Really have to stop & take a picture in front of the famous “white house” one of the most haunted place in Baguio, saw the movie about this place too.

|who wouldn’t laugh at this?

|After buying some Ube Jam at Good Shepherds we took pictures at the garden next to it.

|lovebirds in the garden.

|last stop for the day : Botanical Garden, we didn’t stay that much because it was drizzling.  A flower right on top of my head,haha.

|wacky shot is always a must!

|The Fog : on our way back to my grandparent’s house in Pangasinan.

It was pretty much a good day , we love Baguio if only we can stay for a little bit more and only if it wasn’t raining it would have been way so much better. On my next vacation I’ll make sure to have more time here.

have to go over the photos again…will post pictures together with my adorable cousins.

Ocean Avenue

inspired by Yellowcard’s song Ocean Avenue, an all time favorite.

that’s me & the picture was taken nung nagbakasyon kami sa Pangasinan, actually I / we took a lot of pictures nung umuwi kami, I will definitely post more pictures soon.

I needed some time off to really relax,unwind and not think about the things that makes me go crazy.We planned that “grand vacation” way tooooooooo long due to our work, when we finally got our leaves approved…as in walang tulugan… as soon as I got home from my last day at work I packed my stuff and left immediately.

We were on vacation for 5 days and during those days I never had the chance to use the internet, which is somehow a good thing for me because I had the chance to really enjoy the company of my cousins, now I’m missing the simple life.

hmmmm, but I rather end this entry here. I still need to go over the photos once again before I upload/post it here.

this is the unedited version of the pic.