RANT:Trashtalks & Copulatory Imperative

    “leave the trash talking and rumor spreading to Gossip Girl”

That quote is from Etiquette of A Lady and I just thought of that because some guys tend to be more of a gossiper than girls.  I cannot believe it, I mean why did Paul have to trash talk Peter when Paul knows that I like (d) Peter ?

When I like someone I tend to be blindly optimistic and I don’t dwell in their past no matter how nasty it may seem. I don’t need to know every detail of their “worst part of their life” especially if its a thing in the past. Whatever happens in the past stays there.

And if it came to a point where I suddenly feel like I don’t like the person as it used to be I don’t look for reasons to hate him. He may have hurt me in some ways ( and he doesn’t even know about it so obviously he doesn’t care ) but I don’t take that as an excuse to get back at him and hurt him too – that is so pathetic and immature!

You cannot use someone’s flaws to make yourself look better , trust me that even makes you the worst person in the universe.

So Paul stop trashtalking about how bad Peter is, you don’t know him too well and I know you wouldn’t want to know him better, but the thing is he didn’t do anything wrong to you, he may have done it to someone else but I don’t understand why it affected you so much and now you despise him.

Does it make you feel better ?  Do you think it makes you a better person spreading rumors about him? – ehem you might wanna go to the loo first 😀

Copulatory Imperative 

The reason why I searched for this word is because I thought of the movie “Someone Like You” starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, my favorite part was when Hugh is trying to comfort Ashley and he told her that “Ray is not the last man you are ever going to love…” and that’s when Ashley started crying more…that is if I remember it right.

Whenever I have a broken heart I tell myself that line “He is not going to be the last man I’m going to love…” sometimes it works!

So I googled the lines from that movie and read that term Copulatory Imperative – which at first sounds like a spell from Hogwarts to me, but I thought of searching for the meaning of it and according to UrbanDictionary.com it is  a term used to describe males of all species. This is the explanation as to why every man is a womanizer. It clarifies why men are constantly on the move, cannot entirely commit and are consistently unfaithful. In the movie, Someone Like You, Ashley Judd’s character explains that men are habitually on the quest for “the new cow” so they can fulfill their “copulatory imperative.” They need to spread their seeds eternally.

Thus, men are innately barbaric and rest assured they will never be fully domesticated.

But I know some guys are not like that…some of them are like Michael Hosea ( from the book Redeeming Love ) or probably close to being one.

And upon reading this it made me realize why Mr.Weasley is so interested in having a bittersweethappiness …

Why shinetz left for the 2nd time…

Why you-know-who seems to be not content with his life and exploring for more options…

Why he-who-must-not-be-named is always looking for other cow I mean girls 😀

But this doesn’t mean that I’m a manhater – oh my definitely not! I love being around with boys but not flirting , just hanging around, having a good laugh…chill!

Got a few best buds around me, Kuya M. , Lava and the boys from my current team…

Oh well, got some answers for my questions already…


I remember I saw Ed Westwick’s poster in Penshoppe! YAY! OMG!

: he is sooooooooo cute – xoxo

-yeah i am bittersweet –


Highlights for last week

Last week I’ve been pretty busy and lazy so I never really had the chance the update my blog,I have some items on draft which I’m supposed to update but I just didn’t have much time.

Well it just feels like there’s so many stuff in my plate and I really don’t know where to start, worried that if I started something it’ll affect the rest and ruin everything but the more I delay these stuff the longer that it haunts me, I barely even have a good effin sleep – and because of this I feel nostalgic too.

I guess it was true my level of happiness decreased because I decided to turn away from something, but hey its always better to know the truth and be disappointed than never asked and always wonder – and if my assumptions are wrong then so be it. And besides I can’t keep something I never had, can’t call someone “mine” if I never had him in the 1st place. Truth hurts I’m just waiting for it to set me free , I’m not yet free from his memories – duh I see him 5 days in a week.oh well. I will soon get over this feeling. I know I still have 10,499 reasons to be happy , he is just another ordinary man I fell inlove with  and definitely he wont be the last man I am ever going to love…


Last July 19 we had our family day at Enchanted Kingdom but unfortunately it was raining like the whole day so it wasn’t that fun, 2 things made me happy that day. 1st is when we decided to ride the space shuttle : me, Rica, Boss E, John, Oz and his daughter Andy and Calpo.  Oh boy that was fun!

2nd thing that made me happy – oh, let the pictures describe it 🙂

: me and my cookies and cream

: Mother and her cheese twistix. We hang out at Ice Monster for a while.

:Me and Mother in front of Enchanted Kingdom, she wanted to have the wizard under her umbrella too and I’m like “what the???” – LOL!

Last June 29 we had our townhall and this month’s theme is really cool!  Each team got a specific wedding theme to show off, ours is the Japanese Wedding – too bad we didn’t have pictures. But to explain what happened with our Japanese Wedding – since we thought of having some famous Japanese Characters on our set.

:Caloy was our groom and Katy is our bride but instead of dressing up like that one.

:Caloy portrayed the role of Tuxedo Mask – hehe

:And Katy as Sailormoon – haha

Thanks to my Mother dearest, she made the dress in just one day. You’re the best!                And my role is

:Sadako / the flower girl, I was holding a dead rose too :D. We used the songs from Voltes 5 as the “wedding song” , Kenchi did a great job in singing, the old man memorized the song! The part that sucks is when we danced – because I don’t dance at all , but it was cool I was laughing most of the time.

One of the nicest highlights for last week :

source : http://lovequotesrus.tumblr.com/

Yeah I can totally relate to that , he even smiled at me argh the nerve! Hahaha  I swear I get butterflies whenever he’s around but the moment I realized the bittersweet truth , I’m like…

– yeah I am bittersweet –

: I did a general cleaning of my room too , I think this will help to have a good sleep 😀