Highlights for last week

Last week I’ve been pretty busy and lazy so I never really had the chance the update my blog,I have some items on draft which I’m supposed to update but I just didn’t have much time.

Well it just feels like there’s so many stuff in my plate and I really don’t know where to start, worried that if I started something it’ll affect the rest and ruin everything but the more I delay these stuff the longer that it haunts me, I barely even have a good effin sleep – and because of this I feel nostalgic too.

I guess it was true my level of happiness decreased because I decided to turn away from something, but hey its always better to know the truth and be disappointed than never asked and always wonder – and if my assumptions are wrong then so be it. And besides I can’t keep something I never had, can’t call someone “mine” if I never had him in the 1st place. Truth hurts I’m just waiting for it to set me free , I’m not yet free from his memories – duh I see him 5 days in a week.oh well. I will soon get over this feeling. I know I still have 10,499 reasons to be happy , he is just another ordinary man I fell inlove with  and definitely he wont be the last man I am ever going to love…


Last July 19 we had our family day at Enchanted Kingdom but unfortunately it was raining like the whole day so it wasn’t that fun, 2 things made me happy that day. 1st is when we decided to ride the space shuttle : me, Rica, Boss E, John, Oz and his daughter Andy and Calpo.  Oh boy that was fun!

2nd thing that made me happy – oh, let the pictures describe it 🙂

: me and my cookies and cream

: Mother and her cheese twistix. We hang out at Ice Monster for a while.

:Me and Mother in front of Enchanted Kingdom, she wanted to have the wizard under her umbrella too and I’m like “what the???” – LOL!

Last June 29 we had our townhall and this month’s theme is really cool!  Each team got a specific wedding theme to show off, ours is the Japanese Wedding – too bad we didn’t have pictures. But to explain what happened with our Japanese Wedding – since we thought of having some famous Japanese Characters on our set.

:Caloy was our groom and Katy is our bride but instead of dressing up like that one.

:Caloy portrayed the role of Tuxedo Mask – hehe

:And Katy as Sailormoon – haha

Thanks to my Mother dearest, she made the dress in just one day. You’re the best!                And my role is

:Sadako / the flower girl, I was holding a dead rose too :D. We used the songs from Voltes 5 as the “wedding song” , Kenchi did a great job in singing, the old man memorized the song! The part that sucks is when we danced – because I don’t dance at all , but it was cool I was laughing most of the time.

One of the nicest highlights for last week :

source : http://lovequotesrus.tumblr.com/

Yeah I can totally relate to that , he even smiled at me argh the nerve! Hahaha  I swear I get butterflies whenever he’s around but the moment I realized the bittersweet truth , I’m like…

– yeah I am bittersweet –

: I did a general cleaning of my room too , I think this will help to have a good sleep 😀


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