Almost Over

This week is finally over!

I am really looking forward for the upcoming week, a little excited but at the same time anxious – here comes “changes” again, why does it have to be so inevitable ?

This week though I only worked for 4 days I feel pretty exhausted and it feels like my brain is not functioning properly anymore. oh boy! I mean seriously I am not sure of what I’m doing , not sure if my thoughts are still making sense…

Virtual Insanity – that’s the song being played at the radio right now, oh my , I think I’m insane…I want my sanity back. haha.

Of course I’m kidding ( a little )

I don’t know how many times I mentioned that I’m thinking of so many things right now…uhm, but I do and most of the time I struggle trying to re-FOCUS myself on things that I should do, what I should not do, what I want to do, setting my priorities and working on my attitude.

“change” is constant there are changes that is unacceptable to a person but no matter what happen that person has to deal with it.  Just have to look at the pros and cons all the time…

So far for this week I learned a lot regarding the people around me.

  • I guess they were not really trashtalking they’re telling the truth. The truth that I tried to deny and been ignoring because like I what I said I am blindly optimistic, I thought that there is something good about him…but, well, hmmm…. I better keep my mouth shut.For a moment there I felt bad for myself for falling for him but at the end of the day its a lesson learned, that’s the most important.
  • I figured who the “real” people are and I’m glad to be friends with them
  • A blast from the past , well March wasn’t that so long ago haha.IMY Pong.
  • The butterflies are gone.
  • Someone else is making an effort to make me smile though, unfortunately last night was incomplete. oh no bad news.

3:11 PM : bed weather. Its raining again.

– yeah I am bittersweet –