Last Week on my semi-charmed kinda life :)

My 1st week with Team Jhamie is over and I am really looking forward for the next 2 weeks. At the same time a bit sad because after that I’m gonna have to go back to my (original) team . I learned how to love these people, they’re a bunch of happy-go-lucky peeps, you know they’re always laughing , making fun of each other and really just having fun while working. Not that we’re not having fun in my original team , we do, only in a different way.

I know I felt bad when my boss told me that I have to be in a different team for the training but I know that a part of me is excited too.Can’t tell why.

Just to say a few words about a few people from this team:

Jhamie interviewed me on the day that I apply in that company and to be honest I can’t remember the things I told her during the interview , but I remember some of the things she told me like , tried to avoid saying uhm when talking, avoid Po and Opo since we wont need that much while we are working. I know that she is a good leader and I know that a lot of people would want to be a part of her team ( I got so lucky to be with her team ), in fact she tried to help me last Friday , well she’s helping whenever I ask for help and she makes sure that I’m doing ok. I couldn’t thank her enough for really taking care of me.

Dexter is my previous team mate and I’ve known him ever since NRE days, he got a good sense of humor, he knows how to make people laugh and he is really a good friend of mine.

I used to have a crush on Ron long time ago because he resembles Pong, 1st encounter (can’t think of a better term) with him was pretty weird because I kind of snubbed at him, but I haven’t thought of him looking like Pong yet…he was trying to open the door for me but a friend of mine already got the door open so I didn’t even look at him , I didn’t even say thank you for at least trying to help me, because he was actually running to get the door but…hmm, oh well. The 2nd time that I saw him was the time that he reminded of Pong, his hair then was long and he doesn’t have a tattoo and beer belly yet. haha.  He was my seatmate the entire week, except last Tuesday wherein I was sitting next to Sonny Sandwich.

The 1st night was pretty awkward because the girls from Team Jhamie wasn’t there I feel like I have no one to talk to , Dexter’s break schedule is earlier than mine but so far the boys has been very nice to me. From Tuesday onwards I was having lunch with Ron and Royce since we have the same lunch breaks and one night with Tere.

At 3AM which is my 1st 15 minute break I would usually go to the Diner to meet my original team mate and bond with them: embracing each one of them and gossiping.haha.

Its a good thing that Rica, Zandy and Mimi were checking on me too and my Boss as well.

Jovs is there to say hi to me as well and share a few stories with her, you know catching up with what’s going on , the issues roaming around and just everything under the sun.

So far “work” itself wasn’t that bad I mean I didn’t feel pretty exhausted compared to the week before,though a part of me is still worried.

Now I feel like my heart is broken in 2, one is for my original team and the other is for this team that adopted me for 3 weeks.

Ok, enough about work, time to blog about the other stuff that’s in my head.

*sigh* forgive me if I’m a bit snobbish in person, that’s just me. I don’t mean to be a bad person , I know a lot of my friends would tell anyone that I’m nice but at the same time they will probably tell you that I’m a “brat”.

But I don’t get it when some people would tell someone that I’m nice when they don’t actually know me – the real me.

Alright, I’m not gonna beat around the bush anymore – I acknowledge and appreciate the fact that someone likes me , it only means that my charms are working and I’m really glad that someone appreciates my existence in a different level.

But come on dude, you don’t even know my complete name…you just met me like a few weeks ago and you’re telling me that you love me – I’d say that it’s just infatuation. Just because someone told you I am nice and I started smiling and talking to you means I am really really nice…and if I am not talking to you it only means that I am not interested at all. A guy like you cannot fall for a girl like me. But thanks for telling me I’m pretty.

2nd thing: Another person introduced me to someone telling that someone that I am nice and that we “look good together” – are you kidding me? Why does it seem like some people around me wants me to have a “lovelife” ? A family friend even asked why I am not married yet? — seriously? Come on I’m only 25 I am not in a hurry to tie the knot! And I don’t think that I will ever be ready for that. Aside from my fear in “sukob”  I’m also afraid that I might marry someone who will treat me just like how my father treated my Mum.

I will fall in love at the right time, but why get married and spoil a good thing? I know when I’m older I will have someone to be my companion, I guess that’s what everyone needs, someone that they can grow old with.

I am enjoying someone’s existence right now, someone is taking care of my heart after it has been shattered to pieces, but this doesn’t mean that I’m inlove…not yet.

On the sadder side of things:

I wont be seeing Harry Potter yet, unfortunately someone lost his money after our payday so I lend him some of my remaining funds because I already paid my bills – be careful with your stuff all the time! I might watch HP more likely if the crowd is much less than what it is right now, a lot of people has been waiting for this so more likely there will be a lot of “movie – goers”.

On July 28, Incubus will be here again and I know I wont be able to watch , I think I’m still on training until that time , or if I’m not anymore I really can’t go since my moolah wont be enough. hehe.

On July 29, 3o seconds to Mars will be here too and likewise I wont be able to watch.

But that’s ok, I would rather spend my moolah for the most important stuff, like date with my Mum, breakfast or lunch with my friends and treat myself again buy something I really really like.

Oh well, so much for this entry. Time for me to go I’m kinda hungry too.