something funny

Well, I find this funny…

We’ve been office mates for about 3 years I used to hang out near his station before because he was sitting next to a friend of mine…been saying hi and hello to each other whenever we would cross each others path , we would even talk but we never introduce ourselves to each other…until today.

While on my way home I saw him… pretended I didn’t see him so I wont have to say hi first — but he saw me & held my arm — sorta telling me to walk with him or them because he’s walking with a “familiar girl” . So  ok…

Me: Oh, hello

Him: Hi

Me: smile

a moment of silent

Me: I’m sorry what’s your name? Cause we would usually greet each other but I don’t know who you are…

Him: I’m ______

Me: and you? (looking at the other girl)

Girl: _______

Him: That’s what I’m telling her ( referring to the other girl ), I asked her if she knows your name but she’s not sure, I told her the same thing we would greet each other without really knowing our names.

Me: (laughs) yeah and we even talked at the Diner earlier…

It was drizzling, he didn’t have umbrella but he’s wearing a cap so I asked him if he wants to share my umbrella, he said no because he doesn’t normally take a bath (of course he’s joking)  –  me and the other girl laughed.  We were walking on a narrow path so he let me walk before him, in return of the favor I offered my umbrella again, he didn’t refuse anymore but he took my umbrella so I wont have a hard time holding it because he’s taller than me.

I’m like

He he he… I’ve been upset for a while, because I was having a hard time dealing with my emotions and it feels good that a former “semi – stranger”  (is there such a word) made me smile.

He’s always smiling at me…

Just saying…


2 thoughts on “something funny

  1. ahaha, no I don’t think I like him…I guess….no I’m not sure. the other girl though is his friend ( I should say) they work on the same department, different from mine 🙂

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