Hello August…

I know I should’ve done this last Monday, welcoming August…but I got too lazy because of the cuddle weather, apparently there were 3 storms here , though they’re all gone now the weather is still a bit cold.

Last Sunday me and Mum, went out. Well we normally go out together during Sundays after attending the Mass, we had our lunch at Yummy Roast in Southmall,I must say the food is really good, we decided to eat there since Mum was advised by her doctor not to eat too much oily/fried foods, her cholesterol level is a bit high compared to what is normal. She had the roasted chicken which is much better than mine which is roasted pork belly.

We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 and as usual she was sleeping, he he he. And as expected I got so sad watching Snape died, I almost cried when I was reading the book much more when I saw the movie ( I cry way soooo easily while watching the sad parts in any movie or  show ). Then when Harry was walking and saw Lupin and Tonks lying next to each other, I almost cried again –  they were able to give justice to what is written in the book. I love the battle scene and I laugh at Professor McGonagall after she made those spells to make those huge stuff move – pardon me if I’m a bit senseless today, I’m sleepy.

I saw the trailer for Final Destination 5, I love this movie so much and this is soooooo much better than pt.4, well that’s the only FD movie that I didn’t like.

A must see drama movie too is the Dolphin’s Tale. I always love dolphins, they are really really adorable.

But I guess this entry wont take long since I can hear my comfy bed calling me…a few pics from the last 2 weeks.

| woot! sexy back! hah! not really

|me and Goldee :she’s an Askal/Asong Pinoy + Golden Retriever, she would normally play with me as soon as I’m home from work, she would scratch my legs or jump on  me as soon as I’m sitting, she loves to cuddle and she would normally ask me to carry her.

:no matter how tired or sleepy I am, I still have to play with her.

: Last Saturday we had to celebrate because we are the “dream team” for the month of July – good job to all of us! This is my team mates, we’re missing Katy and Mommy Liz.

: wacky shot! yeah! L – R; Back: Kenchi, Rica, Ozzi, Myla, John, front: Caloy, Boss E, Mimi, Joyz ( me ) and Zandy. We had our lunch at Chic Boy.

: The girls agreed to have yoghurt after the heavy meal ;  Zandy, Myla, Me and Boss E.

: When you finally get something good, ENJOY IT!. Don’t go trying to get something “better”


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