was hibernating…

Referring to my blog 🙂

Like what I normally do on Saturdays, as soon as I’m home from work…the moment that I hit the sack  I would sleep for the next 13 – 16 hours.Unless I have somewhere else to go, oh yeah I haven’t been “going out” for a while, I mean out as in girl’s night out.

What the hell am I talking about? We just had lunch together yesterday and the other week we watched The rise of the planet of the apes, celebrated my Mum’s birthday…and a whole lot more! Which is the main reason why I’m blogging right now.

August 11: Mum’s birthday! Yay! I’m always thankful that all through out my life my mum’s here to support me. I don’t want to elaborate and enumerate the things she did for me and my sister or else this would be so emotional. But whenever I pray I always thank the Lord for giving me such an incredible Mum. I only wish that she would just forget all the things that makes her feel bad – uh oh,do not elaborate Joyce!

Her white bag was Lalayne’s  gift, the black one is from her sister, My mum is devoted to Mama Mary, she is the typical religious woman, meaning she goes to church on Sundays, goes to Baclaran Church on Wednesdays and on Fridays she goes to Quiapo. She prays the rosary everyday.

Shady Wednesday: Got my 1st SS Loan, gave half of it to Mother and the other half is mine, paid up all my bills (my bills only :))

:Me and Mum before we go to the bank 🙂

:My sister and Mum.

Team Lunch @ Seaside.Yesterday.Photos from Maria Rica Zeta 🙂

: The Place

: Me and Myla

: Me, Myla, Mimi and Zandra

:Caloy,Ozie, Kenshi and Rica.

Meal: Shrimp,Buttered Tahong, Buttered Chicken, I love the buttered chicken, soooooooo delicious! We also had Sinigang ( I forgot the name of the fish),Chopsuey and Liempo.

:Bon Appetit!

:Everybody Happy

:Rica, Katy, Myla and Mommy Liz

:Rica and the young Katy

: Rica and Zandy – playing with the camera, being innocently sexy and seductive – geeez,where the hell that came from? ha ha!

: with my seatmate Mini Mimi 🙂

Thinking Photo # 1 : Me and Kenshi. He reminds me of my father, the long hair, his body built, sense of humor, cool singing voice! I call him “tatay” sometimes.

Thinking Photo # 2 : Mimi and Zandy 🙂

That’s it so far from the last 2 weeks.

Yesterday though I got a text from Pong, I’m still not over that effin guy. If only distance was not an issue.LOL!