shut up

2 important words, if you can’t say anything good, just shut the hell up. If you’re not sure of what the hell you’re talking about then keep your mouth shut! 🙂

Just thought of this today, some people really need to learn to mind their own business…I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there’s a thin line between “being concern” and “overreacting”.  I know I did a pretty HUGE mess with my life and I’m ready to face all the consequences. As much as I try hard not to let the opinion of  others consume , I can’t help it. I get tired too. Hearing the same old sh*t, makes me sick…alright then, I know I brought this all to myself.

Just have to release some not so good vibes!

I know I need not to explain myself…so I decided not to say anything about it.But I’m not sure how long will I be able to hold on to my emotions. I talked to the person involved in this issue and its a good thing he didn’t say anything to make things worse 🙂

As a sagittarian I enjoy freedom and whenever I feel like I am being held up or something I get mad, a little less rebellious or something, I honestly can’t think of a better term now.

And guess what my horoscope says for today?

Although you may be rather even-tempered today, a friend or partner can get under your skin, eventually provoking you to snap. Be smart and don’t try to hide your annoyance because it’s more disruptive if you bury it. Your feelings won’t take avoidance or denial as a viable strategy now. Express your frustration calmly; everyone will feel better once the air has been cleared

I’d say its pretty accurate.

So here’s a list of “notes to myself”. Thank you very much to and

→ my brain are still intact.working just fine!

→ 2 thumbs up on this!

→ whatever makes me HAPPY, do I have to carry a board all the time just to let other people know that I am happy?

→ trying my very best.

→ proven and tested, 100% true!

I know this is not gonna last forever, come on I am not that stupid. Someone with great authority advised me to just enjoy the moment, but never settle if I think I don’t deserve it and that’s what I’m doing. What upsets me is that someone is making me feel that I dont’ deserve to be happy. I trust myself and if this something I don’t like,I will leave these all behind.

What’s the worst thing that he can do to me? Break my heart? He cannot break it if he doesn’t have all of it and just for the record, my heart is still broken people and I bet you know why.

It’s not like I’m gonna come running to you guys and curse that person, I know that in the end I only have myself to blame, not you guys or anyone else.

I’m happy.So…

peace to you all!


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