New Bag! Yey!

Courtesy of course by Mother dear 🙂

She knows that I always wanted to have a Michaela bag, I don’t effin know why but whenever we go to the mall I always check the “Michaela” place.  Told ya the name got an effin jinx, it has a freaking spell… I’m attracted to it! chos!

She bought this last friday, while having lunch she told me that it’s supposed to be my birthday present , but I got way too excited and asked her to give it to me so I can use it. Apparently, she bought one for my sister too, since her birthday will be in November. Mum, asked me to choose what I like he he but I know my sister will pick the lavender one, so I got the black one 🙂

I soooooo love it! So many pockets – yeah this morning, on my way home I was looking for my p15.00, kasi nalimutan ko kang saang bulsa ko siya nailagay. LOL!

I carry a lot of stuff so it’s nice to have this kind of bag, it looks small but got a huge space inside.

→ Walang basagan ng trip, feel ko magmodel modelan! 😀

→ well, as you can see, that’s my Mum’s altar on my back, she is a very religious person. Family picture and my baby picture on the wall.

→ with Mum and my cousin

→ With my sister’s Lavender bag.

→ Lalayne’s  , Lavender bag,it is definitely bigger than mine.

→ My bag.

Thanks Mum! This is now included on my “things to be happy list”.

Time for me to go to bed 🙂 ciao!


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