It’s beginning to look like christmas

I know it is too early to feel that way but it is beginning to look like christmas, right? When you go to the local malls you’ll see Christmas trees,the colorful lights, Santa Claus, Angels,stuffs on sale for your presents, for some they have their Christmas tree up already & have fully decorated their home for the season.

This is the last quarter of 2011 and just to share something, I bought a planner at the beginning of the year and have written some of the stuff that I want to do, things that I want to have, things that I need to do to have that little sense of fulfillment or contentment,I’m proud to say that I was able to get some of  those accomplished and I’m still working to get the rest done but you know there will always be that “something” that will make you stop and think that maybe I don’t need that,maybe I need something better, maybe I don’t have to do this and just try to do something else. You get what I mean?

But anyways, since we were not able to go home to Pangasinan as it was previously planned (because of the bad weather) I decided to watch a lot of movies during my long weekend. I had a great laugh watching Kung Fu Panda, I am not that happy with Scream 5, well its supposed to be a scary movie so I shouldn’t be really happy about it, I just didn’t like the story.

Her cousin is just unbelievable, just so she can also be famous, she hurt herself, I mean nearly killed herself with everything she did and after all of that “murdering myself” scene she’s still freaking strong because she was still fighting with Sidney, I can’t believe she even killed her own mother, that is just so not cool.

Last week I think I watched Final Destination 5 which apparently is the prequel of everything, I’d say it’s ok, I mean gruesome just like the others.

Then I plan on watching “Inception” anytime soon.

But for now I’ll try to get more sleep, since Tuesday I haven’t been getting enough sleep so I feel weird aside from the fact that I have “Juan” around, I’ve read something in Cosmopolitan September’s issue. A recent study in University of PA School of Medicine says that having 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep after a very toxic week can actually catch you up on rest,making you sane again and if you remember people on Saturday(s) if I have nowhere else to go I sleep for 12 to 13 hours – straight , how come I still feel insane though? 😀 just kidding!

Maybe I should just sleep for 10 hours, what do you think?




One thought on “It’s beginning to look like christmas

  1. Hello there!

    Although i have not seen any Christmas decorations anywhere here , departmnt stores have already put out some Cristmas stuff. Not much though coz , as you very well know, Holloween is quite a big deal here…. so what we see now now are Holloween stuff. We decorate our houses with scary decors ( at home , we just have Jack o’ Lantern ). In the Philippines, I understand you don’t ?

    Cheers !

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