one thing made me frown

The other day I was a bit upset,but then  I thought that sometimes I don’t have to expect anything – “expectations can lead to disappointments” (sometimes) and besides I wouldn’t be upset if I did something else  – it seems like it doesn’t make any sense, but I’d rather not tell the reason why I got upset…well,I’d say everything’s alright now since I have talked to the person involved.

I was really having a good laugh almost the entire night with my good friends, in fact I have listed the things that made me happy last night – I got inspired by this

  • This compliment never failed to make me smile “you look pretty tonight” – it boosts your confidence & self-esteem,right? And I honestly didn’t do anything different with my face last night, just had a powder and a lip balm…and for a moment I thought “did he really mean it or he just said it so I will smile at him?” so I jokingly answered, “I look pretty tonight? What about tomorrow and the following day…wont I look pretty anymore?” and so the guy said,” you always look pretty”
  • Singing OUT OF TUNE that made me Zandy laugh
  • Sharing foods during lunch break , I love Mimi’s spicy corned tuna but I don’t think I’ll eat it again , I’m not into spicy foods.
  • Reading Tintin’s letter to Caloy – for the 3rd night, ha ha, we are all excited to read Tin’s sticky notes to Caloy,she put it on the cover of Caloy’s lunch box, isn’t that sweet? the message goes like this “enjoy your lunch, pag-ibig (their terms of endearment), i love you” yiheee!
  • Free food 😀 it was my favorite Spanish Bread, but I  gave it to the boys, teehihi.
  • Riding in the bus with Zandy and we were talking about the koreanovela “pure love”, she decided to check the Boxing Gym near our place. Go Zandy!
  • Heavy lunch with Mum, talking about anything under the sun – soon I’ll make a list of the things/stuff that we normally discuss 😀 I love the veggie juice from her friend – yes! believe it or not, a lot of people knows that I don’t like to eat vegetables but I love that veggie juice, its really really really really good!
  • Watching Project Runway and Pinoy Henyo with Mum and my sister – we were having a good laugh actually at the same time we were playing with Goldee and Brownout (2 of our 3 dogs, Tintin is busy sleeping).
  • Eating Skyflakes Condensada – yummy!
  • Updating my blog, 2 days in a row! Yay!
  • Going home to Pangasinan tomorrow! I just hope it wont rain anymore.
So what made me frown?
Doing something totally “senseless” , discussing something that’s totally insignificant…uninteresting, when you talk about the same stuff like all the time, it gets completely boring. Am I right?
Anyways that’s just one effin thing that made me frown , I have 10,000 more reasons to be happy.Yay! It’s friday!



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