having fun with my cousins (part 1)

The following photos were taken last May 2011, I was just too lazy to edit the size of the pictures and with that I never had the chance to blog about this until now.

Meet my cousins again.We were at Lola Remy’s place in Pangasinan 🙂

→ Bonbon , me and Oliver

→ Oliver got the best dimples in our clan 🙂

→ can’t remember what we were talking about

→  smiling at something

→ here, Oliver is talking about his palm, since he does the “hard works” so he was saying that his palm is a bit rough compared to his brother Bon.

 → Bon is checking his palm too.

→ making funny faces pt.1

 → making funny faces pt. 2

 Bon and Me – Me and Oliver

 → the “1st child” Bon is the 1st child of Tito (uncle) Romeo and I am the 1st child of my mum.

 → the “2nd child” My sister Lalayne is my Mum’s 2nd child and Oliver is the 2nd child of Tito Romeo.

this entry will have part 2, 3, 4…. 😀


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