here comes part 2

Oh well, I got so excited having the 2nd part of my “bonding-with-my-cousins” blog entries. This time though Rissalyn ( we call her Sasa ) is with us and my sister’s boyfriend JP ( aka our photographer ). The pictures were taken in front of Lola Remy’s house.

 The not so serious shot…Sasa is eating ice candy
I really wanted to laugh but I can’t, the idea is for us to act as if we were part of a choir.

 The “back” view,teehihi.

 Turn left…arms.forward.raise…Sasa did it, even though she’s so small and Lalayne is so effin tall.

 Oliver is the tallest, so he thought of doing that so Sasa wont have a hard time. Bon decided not to folllow the “idea”.

 1st attempt to have a “jump shot.

 The “jumpshot”, this is better than the 1st one.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE on the following photos 😀

oh boy! I had fun taking those pictures…and there’s more,we decided to take a walk and saw a nice “waiting shade” and everyone agreed to take more pictures. Ha ha.

 More pictures soon…time for me to hit the sack, goodnight everyone.



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