Tangled (movie)

I just saw this movie today and the kid in me was really happy. I was literally laughing all the time, not to mention I was watching it with my younger cousins…so they were laughing as well without really fully understanding the story. Why did I say so? Because Andrei kept asking me about how the story is going…thank you Zeus for the “pause” , whenever he would ask questions I would just press that button, explained to him the story then play the movie again, it took almost 2 hours off of their time ha ha they should be studying but Ate Joyce is such a B.I. 😀

I saw the trailer I think late last year or early this year but never had the chance to see it on the big screen – I guess I was too busy, but most of the time I’d rather watch movie alone (or with my family) at home, so I can pause the movie anytime , specially when I need go to the loo. I wont have to be bothered by the other people around me and I can turn up and down the volume whenever I want to.

The movie is about Rapunzel (obviously) , who got a magical hair…so Gothel, the villain kidnapped her and kept her in the tower, basically using her so she wont grow old.Apparently though, the guy who rescued her is not a prince but a thief…but he didn’t actually have any plans of rescuing her, he was just hiding.

They made a deal that if Flynn(or Eugene, which is his real name) will take her to the “floating lights” she will give him back the crown he took from the castle.

Rapunzel has an iguana and I never thought that iguanas can be as cute as that…

It’s musical too, well Mandy Moore is Rapunzel, so a lot of singing!

I’ve laughed so much because of Maximus, the horse.

and I totally love this part – The Floating Lights

Looks so magical right? Oh well, its supposed to be that way.

Eventually Rapunzel and Flynn realized how bad Gothel is. When Flynn was about to be punished, well he was able to escape with the help of the people from Snuggly Duckling Inn and Maximus he run off to the tower again this time with the intent of rescuing Rapunzel – Gothel stabbed him – Rapunzel begged so she can heal Flynn with her hair – Flynn cut her magical hair though – Gothel,shocked and transformed to her real age,but fell off from the tower.

Since Rapunzel realized that she is the lost princess they went back to the castle – lived happily ever after.

Although I’m not really a fan of cartoon movies,because too much color can irritate my eyes ( I have super bad eyesight,both are at 5.00 ) I still like this movie, it made me laugh.

Would I want something magical like Rapunzel’s hair or maybe magical tears? Why not, I mean if that can heal sickness…but I wont definitely use it to keep myself young and pretty. I don’t want to not grow old.

I’ve seen Pirates of the Carribean 4 as well, last week…that movie was so effin long though…but will still try to say something about it soon.

It’s the freakin weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun”  (from R.Kelly’s Ignition) and having fun means catching up with my sleep – hibernate – will sleep for 10 to 12 hours, ha ha…ciao everyone!



3 thoughts on “Tangled (movie)

  1. Will definitely watch this…. I love Disney and Pixar cartoons ( although Shrek kind of grew old, except Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy, whom I think has alwways been the funniest in all Shrek movies…. can’t forget his ” I’m gonna cook me some waffles!” )

    For some reason, and don’t hate me if you like Pirates of the carribean, I really never liked this franchise.I watched the first two, and that was enough for me !

    Hey, cheers !

    • I love Shrek too….actually I really really love it, I think that’s one of the best movie/story they ever made…puss in boots will have his own movie too…

      oh no, I dont like Pirates of the carribean, not that much….i’ve watched the 1st movie because Orlando Bloom was there, I used to like him and so as Johnny Depp…ha ha

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