Miss You More Than Ever Tintin

My dog Tintin passed away last Wednesday, a few minutes before I left for work, my sister told me she waited for me to let her go. And I believe she fought for her life for as long as she could, because I said so…up to now we really can’t tell the cause of her death. I guess it wouldn’t matter anymore since she is in a better place now.

It all happened so fast, last Sunday she just stopped eating, she would just drink water. My friend told me to give her dextrose and so I did…we gave her vitamins, antibiotics and Quantumine but I guess it was really her time. 2 days at least before her death I’ve been crying and begging for her to fight and stay, but whenever I look into her eyes I know that she is experiencing a terrible pain.

Mum said she might have internal hemorrhage – it’s hard for me to explain and I really don’t want to know why she died. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to bring her to the doctor…I told her that I will bring her to the Vet as soon as I have my salary – which was Friday of that week, but she can no longer wait.

See that’s the thing with death, you know that it can happen anytime but no matter what…you are still left unprepared for it.

Her real name is Satine, after watching Moulin Rouge we thought of giving her that name…but eventually we all call her Tintin. Our neighbor gave her to us, Tintin’s mom is a poodle making her a half poodle half pinoy dog 🙂 I thought she was a Japanese spitz, but she’s not. Her eyes are so round that makes her so cute!

We have her for 10  years and  she was like a real baby for me. She’s the quiet type of dog, she doesn’t play a lot, whenever Brownout and Goldee would tease her she would just walk away and sleep, but when she barks, oh boy! She can really get the hell out of you, but it’s easy to ask her to stop (sometimes)

Unlike the other 2 dogs that we have, nasa tricycle palang ako nasa labas na ng bahay yung dalawa, si Tintin hindi, nakasilip lang sa pintuan. She wont run to me like Goldee does na kulang nalang e magpakarga sa’ken, while Brownout would normally stand and scratch my arms and tummy, what I do is I will ask the 2 dogs to go inside and then just spend a few moments with Tintin outside, she would have her head on my legs like asking me to massage her – she and Brownout loves it kapag minamasahe yung ulo nila.

Kapag kumakain kami behave lang si Tintin, she would usually stay on my side while we’re eating, pag feeding time siya ang huling binibigyan ng food kasi pag nauna siya, aagawan siya nung dalawa and since siya yung pinakamabait at hindi lumalaban, siya nalang yung last – she would jump kapag papunta na si Mama sa kainan niya.

Gustong gusto niya matulog sa sofa, kaya lang lagi siyang pinapababa ni Mama kasi nga yung balahibo niya maiiwan dun, but when Mum’s not around, pinapahiga ko dun si Tintin, magkatabi kami while I’m watching TV.

Super inalagaan siya ni Mama, actually silang lahat naman. I’ve been crying everyday ever since she died, I miss her so bad. One time I saw a stray dog, sabi ko sana yun nalang yung namatay , wala naman kasi nag-aalaga dun.

Pagkauwi ko from work, minsan hinahanap ko pa din siya –  a lot of things reminds me of her. Pag napaguusapan ang aso, nalulungkot ako agad. I know I still have Brownout and Goldee,but my life is not the same anymore.This is the worst feeling I ever had, honestly I never felt this sad in my entire life. When my father left us for the second time, I didn’t cry. It was easy for me to accept that,because I know that everything happens for a reason….but Tintin’s death is different, I was really heartbroken.

Mr.Big said he’ll buy me a poodle, but I said no, I guess not this time. I want to spend more time with Brownout and Goldee.

I terribly miss you Tintin…thank you that you were once my baby dog. You will always be in my heart.


4 thoughts on “Miss You More Than Ever Tintin

  1. I am so sorry for your loss — for it IS a deep loss. You had her for 10 years, I don’t even want to think what life would be like without my dogs and I’ve only had them for 6 years. I’d like to share with you an Inquirer article (She Wasn’t Just A Dog — by Alya Honasan) that I read some months ago that really touched me. It speaks to all of us who truly love our pets. 🙂

    • i appreciate the sympathy and I think your dogs are really cute! I’ve seen some of their pictures on your blog…
      thanks for sharing the article…i’m going to read it after this..

  2. I feel the pain about your dog Tintin. Since you had her for 10 years, most likely the cause of death was old age. You ‘re lucky that you even had her for 10 years. We have a dog now, a mini Aussie Shepherd, but 3 years ago, we had a Black Labrador. He was huge, but was the most gentle dog , ever.We only had her for 2 years. he succumbed to a disease that is common to Labradors. Something to do with spine. When he died, it was the first time I had seen a grown man cry… my dad.

    • yeah you’re right, I’m glad we had her for 10 years…and because of the same reason I always miss her…pretty much I grew up with her.
      An Aussie Shepherd? Wow if I’m not mistaken that’s one of the smart dogs too, Labradors are really one of the gentle ones…I guess tintin and your labrador are together now 🙂

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