Almost There…but not there…

Hah! I can’t think of any other good title for my entry tonight, I’m actually referring to Christmas.Been a while since the last time I blog and hoppin on to someone else’s blog (especially the people I follow in bloglovin ) time sees to fly when you’re busy yet having fun at the same time.

But I must admit that I run into some emotional days, not so long ago and the fact that I am currently listening to Bruno Mars’ It will rain…makes me feel a little sad. But this feeling will soon be over…I have to move on…and whenever I get this feeling I always end up telling myself “you should’ve done this long time ago, you need not to wait for almost 4 years to realize that you have to move on”.

I did move on, several times..

Oh well, can’t always have my hopes high for that man. But you know when you love someone, you will always love them…even when you’re not together. I’m glad I met him and I have no regrets…I just couldn’t believe I loved someone that much…it consumes me and I thought I wouldn’t have the courage to really move on…

But Bruno Mars’ song doesn’t really describes how I feel, it’s more of like me thinking if he could ever say those words…

Well, enough of the “emo” moments…a lot of things made me happy and some things are keeping me happy…well it’s the season to be happy anyways… Christmas is coming!YAY!

Spent a lot after getting my 13th month pay, I have my own camera already – Samsung PL120, I love it! A pair of new shoes & sandals ha ha! And a lot more!

And to share some of the pictures I took using my camera, here are the photos of our Thanksgiving / Jungle Safari Party last 11/24/2011 at Congo Grille, Westgate, Alabang.

The girls from our team with our new boss, Tony.

Mimi, Zandy, Me and Myla.

with Myla and Katy.

similar dress…different color…ha ha!

with my good friend Chris, planning to have me as a godmother of his son.ok! Geeesh I’m all smiley here.

with Jovs, I know it’s a blurry pic, but I love it!

Then today, me Zandy, Mimi and her bf watched Breaking Dawn. I am not such a fan of twilight, I never had the chance to read the books…I saw part 1…missed the 2nd and 3rd part…ha ha ha, but I thought that it was a good idea to hang out with the girls…I’m glad I did!

Some parts of the movie I did not understand, I wasn’t able to really follow thru it because I don’t know the story at all…well at least I know it’s a love story. I used to like Kirsten Stewart before she became known as “Bella Swan” , I mean before she started wearing high heels. I like her wearing an all girly girl dress then sneakers. I think that’s pretty cool!

But I think the movie in general is good, more likely I will wait for the 2nd part. I would want to see how it ends.And I’m glad to hear Flightless Bird, American Mouth again…that was the song when they 1st danced right? After hearing that song in Twilight it got stuck in my head for weeks…seriously!

I love the wedding…I think it’s really really amazing! Anyways, here are our pictures at Alabang Town Center…but wait I remember something, guess who we spotted over there…

yes, Matteo Guidicelli…we we’re just checking out some items and we saw these guys wearing “Event Security” apparently they’re guarding Matteo, then all of a sudden this girl started screaming his name… good Lord, she’s gone crazy!

Anyways, here are some of our happy pix! Lunch at Shakeys!

the couple that loves to goof around each other

Zandy and me…pa-tweetums lang.

See our photographer? Salamat Kuya 🙂

Before they attack the free pizza for Khristian because it’s his birthday!

After watching the movie and strolling around the mall, looking for “something funny” for our exchange gifts…we all agreed to eat ice cream at FIC, I love the white couch!

Tomorrow…I mean in a few hours will be my sister’s birthday, I have to sleep since we’ll attend the mass a bit earlier than usual.Ciao!


General Cleaning Isn’t Over

Oh boy, this is really harder than I thought – not complaining though, just saying. I know the house is smiling right now, after how many months of not having a “real” general cleaning…actually I don’t recall the last time we had one. haha.

I know…I know…I’m too lazy sometimes — most of the time  🙂

I thought of going on leave last Friday so we can start the cleaning aside from the fact that it’s petsa de peligro – nagdadahilan pa.

Our house is not that big, but we have a lot of stuff – as in A LOT! My mum is a tailor, so if there are remaining fabrics she gets to keep them and then she have the threads and everything else related to her work. We have 3 sofas, though one is kept in Mama’s room the other 2 are so big that it occupies a huge space in the living room…and then we wanted to have the dining table next to the living room so we can watch TV while eating – hah! blame it on the Pinoy Henyo, me and mum loves watching that game.

And then she got her altar, her computer table , the TV cabinet, book shelf, my keyboard etc.

We threw away a lot of stuff already, I don’t understand why Mum loves to keep stuff that she no longer used and I’d rather not enumerate those stuffs because there’s a lot!

Then we realized that some of the things that we have need to be replaced, like the TV cabinet and the book shelf… these 2 got soaked in the flood I think twice, we were just able to clean them and still make it look good…but it doesn’t really look good right  now, especially the book shelf.

Then the kitchen cabinet, Mama said that cabinet is about 26 years old. If you’ll see that cabinet you can tell that she got a huge collection of tupperwares, plates,mugs, glasses, spoon and fork.

With the TV cabinet is our collection of angels and my sister’s barbie collections.

I will definitely take a picture of these items as soon as I have my camera, I’m about to buy one this week.

And I remember we need to replace our washing machine too,  but we just need the single tub since the dryer is still working. Mama terribly needs a new monitor and CPU.

Now it seems like my 2012 list of “the stuff I need to get this year” will be longer compared to this year…that means I have to double up what I can save, oh boy! How I wish I could just win the lottery buy  everything’s that necessary and get a better place…

and here’s a few photos that is somewhat related to my entry today.

I wish my dogs can do this , it’ll be a big help!

hell yeah!

But hey, even Disney Princesses knows how to clean 🙂

That’s it for now,I know there’s a lot of posts in bloglovin but I need to sleep, back to work tonight.Ciao!


The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments

The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments.

Check this out. I did and I really think this is going to work, to almost everyone.

I tend to be argumentative sometimes, specially if I’m not getting my “ideas” across the other person’s mind…most often than not I would made myself “”misunderstood” making things worse than what it is. You get what I mean?

Of course I cannot always blame it on hormonal imbalance, sometimes I know I need to just “inhale love and exhale hate”.

There are times that I feel like having an argument with someone annoying so I just thought that before doing that I would check this blog again, ha ha. Just kidding!

Why would I spend a few minutes of my semi-precious moments with someone who’s not getting what I mean? If he doesn’t get it, so be it!

I like it better when I’m not saying anything at all ( where in deep inside my left brain is arguing with my right brain ).

Because it makes the other person paranoid hi hi hi, in the end he was like “I don’t like it when you’re not talking at all, I know there’s a lot going on in your mind already, I know that you want to tell me a lot of things but you prefer not to talk…and I cannot read your mind, all I know is you’re so mad”

Hah! That’s what you get for making me upset 😀