The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments

The Top 25 Ways to Win Arguments.

Check this out. I did and I really think this is going to work, to almost everyone.

I tend to be argumentative sometimes, specially if I’m not getting my “ideas” across the other person’s mind…most often than not I would made myself “”misunderstood” making things worse than what it is. You get what I mean?

Of course I cannot always blame it on hormonal imbalance, sometimes I know I need to just “inhale love and exhale hate”.

There are times that I feel like having an argument with someone annoying so I just thought that before doing that I would check this blog again, ha ha. Just kidding!

Why would I spend a few minutes of my semi-precious moments with someone who’s not getting what I mean? If he doesn’t get it, so be it!

I like it better when I’m not saying anything at all ( where in deep inside my left brain is arguing with my right brain ).

Because it makes the other person paranoid hi hi hi, in the end he was like “I don’t like it when you’re not talking at all, I know there’s a lot going on in your mind already, I know that you want to tell me a lot of things but you prefer not to talk…and I cannot read your mind, all I know is you’re so mad”

Hah! That’s what you get for making me upset 😀