Christmas 2011

I was sleepy on Christmas Eve, woke up like 10 or 15 minutes before 12. I saw my mom sleeping too haha.  But we all manage to stay awake and celebrate Bro’s birthday. I asked my Mum not to cook too much food and decided to make Graham Cakes for New Year.

It’s hard to really celebrate and be happy knowing that some people are struggling or sad. Well for some they thought that Christmas doesn’t mean anything anymore after typhoon Sendong wiped out almost everything they have…I just hope that they’ll be able to recuperate as soon as they can.

On the brighter side of things, I forgot to mention that my team mates bought Sansrival for my birthday, that was very sweet of them.Thank You guys! But I wasn’t able to take a picture of it since we’re not allowed to take pictures at work.

Last Thursday our team won for this month’s townhall. It’s funny though because we never thought we would win, we heard the other teams practicing and they were way better than us, they have prepared so much for the townhall, really dressed up and made huge candy canes – hey that’s 1,000 GC  additional to the team funds of course we expect everyone to be really at their “best” shot.

We just thought of singing Little Drummer Boy and 12 Days of Christmas but we asked Kenchi to change the lyrics so it can be related to our job. I can’t remember the lyrics for the Little Drummer Boy but the 12 Days of Christmas I think I can still remember because that was a very funny.

On the 12th Day of Christmas HSBC gave to me

12 Ensaymada…11 Ensalada…10 Pritong Maling…9 Piling ng Saging…8 Pancit Palabok…7 Juice and Softdinks…6 (ok,i forgot.ha ha) 5 Onion Rings…4 Pizza Pie … 3 Kwek Kwek, 2 box Chicken Joy at isang team building sa pantry 😀

That same night they gave me a birthday cake – well, it was for all the reps who celebrated their birthday this month.

Here’s a picture.

and before putting it inside the fridge.

Hihi, yeah that’s our fridge 2 rugged dolls made of wood, flyers from Yellowcab and Domino’s Pizza and I think starbuck’s too.

On Christmas Eve, thank God it was my off and my sister’s off as well.

Me and Mum set up this place the other week, she made those curtains and of course we only put them on during Christmas season, the Nativity set, our little Christmas Tree, Mum’s altar, ehem I actually thought of putting those Poinsettias  and Bell/Christmas Lights and I use paper clips to hang them, it’s hard to use push pins or thumb tacks because of the kind of wood that was used on it and I don’t want to use the staples because I will have a hard time taking them off later.  I think it was a good idea, my Mom liked it 😀 . Then of course we have Santa Claus and his assistant.

Did you ever believe in Santa Claus? I know I did and I did put a wish list outside our window when I was a kid but then eventually I realized that if he really exist he wouldn’t be here in Manila,PH. We don’t have chimneys here, haha.

The Nativity

Our Little Christmas Tree – we kinda revamped it by adding ribbons.

That wasn’t a mosquito repelling bulb, my Mum just used the box for her gift. It was a yellow chinese inspired jacket 🙂

The shirt says “I’m hot no matter what season” gift from my sister. But then my cousin Andrei asked “eh ate bakit ang lamig mo?”.

My sister Lalayne and Me.

Me beside Santa Claus

Greetings from my Family – Mum trying her very best to stay awake and smile.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Looking forward to 2012.

Ciao guys!


26 years of existence

Whew! It’s been a while! I’m sure everyone’s busy for the holidays and so am I – not so, I might have to do a last minute shopping for Christmas, my list is not yet completed…and to my godchildren, as early as now let me say sorry because I wont be able to give my gifts to you exactly on Christmas day, because I’m gonna be so effin busy on that day, I’ll be off from work by 11am on the 24th and then I have to help my Mum prepare the food…we’ll make a lot of Graham Cakes – YAY! This is what I love about this season,lots of Graham Cakes!

Enihoos before I really start talking blogging about Christmas, just wanna share how happy I was the past few weeks, you’ll definitely see it on the following photos. Last November 27, my sister celebrated her 25th birthday and to share a little secret (well after this it wont be a little secret anymore 😀 ) from November 27 to December 12 we’re technically twins, I don’t know how to explain it, I don’t know how our parents did it, but I think it’s cool.

My sister and her new phone which is a gift from her significant other “JP”, we had lunch at KFC and the “Crema de Fruta” is really her request.

Our meal.

my favorite : snack box – fun shots and fries

Layne and JP : Me and Mum

Then the weekend before my birthday me and Mum has to go to Pangasinan to accompany my Lolo. He was here in Manila for a little over a week to have himself check, my Aunt recommended the herbalist I mention on my previous entry.My Lolo’s already 78 years old and he’s having a hard time peeing so that explains why we needed to go with him – I’d rather not elaborate on my Lolo’s health condition, it’s making me sad.

It’s always nice to go home to Pangasinan. Love the simple life, fresh air, morning breeze which is way better compared to Manila, semi – primitive life because I don’t have access to internet while I’m there – hay! It would be really nice if I can go there as often as I want.

nice to see “Pogi” again.

Lots of Jackfruits! Love it! But those are not ripe yet.

Yeah, that’s a lot!

Poinsettia – Christmas Flower 🙂

Baby Goat – cute!

Then last December 13, I celebrated my 26th birthday and I got my free pizza from Shakey’s – YAY!

We had Shirley Temples, Buffalo Wings, Caesar Salad, Vanilla Ice cream with strawberry syrup and the free pizza.

my sister 🙂

Me and Mother

Mama , pa-demure look.


Just thought of Rudolph the red nose reindeer 😀

Yum! This is sooooo good!

Many thanks to everyone who greeted me. Love u all!

There’s more reason for me to be happy, but I guess I’ll save it for next time. You’re done with your Christmas shopping yet?

I’m about start my list for 2012 🙂 have to start the year right so I’m thinking of letting go all the bad things in my life (including HUMAN) , should’ve done that long time ago, now I don’t know where to find the strength and courage to do this. What has got into me?


Doctor Said…

Doctor # 1 : Your right eye, have weak muscles, but it’s not alarming.  I suggest you wear eyeglasses again instead of contact lens, since that might cause further irritation and besides you are only allowed to wear your CLs up to 8 hours.

my brain says: Another doctor checked my eyes the beginning of this year and told me I can wear this for as long as I can, as long as I am not sleeping with CLs on. Well, maybe because I was using the extended version of contact lens, ones that you can use for a year or 2. but then I broke my CLs so I thought of buying CLs that are good for 3 mos only.CLs are cheaper than eyeglasses, but since I’m scared of being blind I have no choice but to get new eyeglasses – and  I spent almost P5,000.00 and it’s something that I really don’t like…can’t  believe eyeglasses can be so expensive.

Doctor # 2: My complain was headache and difficulty of breathing.

After a few questions about my lifestyle

He said : Your work is taking it’s toll on you I want you to request to be in a dayshift.

I want you to cut your hair too, it’s too long. Natutuyo na yan pag nasa aircon ka, that can cause water in your lungs kaya ka nahihirapan huminga. And make sure  na pag naliligo ka 10 minutes lang.Make sure the hair is above your shoulders. This can also lead to heart enlargement. You’re still young…you’ll have your own family one day…imagine if you got pregnant and you’re having a hard time breathing.

Don’t sleep for 13 hours on Saturdays, kelangan kumikilos ka din,hindi pwedeng nakahiga ng ganun katagal, magstretching pagkagising, wag maligo agad.

Exercise, condition your health.

Eat red apples instead of green apples, don’t eat melon.

10 glasses of water everyday,minimum!

Buy the following vitamins and come back here on Thursday, make sure you have short hair already.

Gusto ko matulog ka na pagkauwi mo.

ME: I love the nightlife, though I have thoughts of getting into a dayjob , it’s a huge adjustment…I am living like a vampire.

Thanks to my sister for this edited pic, in an attempt to make me like a vamp.

I don’t want to cut my hair, not above my shoulders oh my that’s too short, and besides hindi naman talaga siya natutuyo sa likod ko eh… I have free blow hair dry every night…on my way to work ( sa jeep he he )

Fine! I wont sleep for more than 10 hours on Saturday’s, that’s something manageable, yes I’m stretching naman pagkagising ko. And maybe I’ll sign up for fitness 1st or maybe slimmer’s world next year, he he…I can do jogging naman for now or walkathon, I do it everyday 🙂

but I love green apple

Water!I love water…kung pwede ko lang itabi yung drinking fountain sa workstation ko ginawa ko na 🙂

No I wont go back…the vitamins/medicines he wants me to take costs more than P2,000.00 . I’ll go to my Mum’s doctor nalang, besides I only have headache and dyspnea when it’s too hot.

Ha ha I’m too stubborn Doc!

Not that I don’t trust them, but I guess it wont hurt to always get a 2nd opinion right?