Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Sorry I haven’t been around for the longest time (I think) but lately I have been updating this blog, I kinda messed it up by importing my entries from Tumblr and there’s like 5000 posts – holy cow! WTH did I do??? Anyways I have been pretty busy with my life as a nanny for my younger cousins – nyahaha!

And have a new person in my life, well he’s not new. He was my classmate from Grade 4 to 6 and in fact he was my crush on 5th Grade, unfortunately he doesn’t remember that – teehihi, but that’s fine.

We had a reunion I think June of last year, we started talking to each other again from then on…and then sometime in January he told me he likes me…yay!

The feeling is soooooo highschool! Hahaha

We’re officially on (as in BF-GF) January 28 , it was my choice because I love the number 8 🙂

A lot of things I notice compared to my past relationships , I would normally look for the things we have in common , I would normally read compatibility articles about my signs with other signs, I would normally use my oracle book to make decisions regarding relationships – I didn’t dwell on these stuff anymore.

So what if he’s Virgo and I’m Sag , not so compatible…so what if he’s Water sign and I’m fire ? I haven’t asked anything from my oracle book anything about him or any decisions related to him…

He’s somewhat my opposite

Standing 5’11 and I’m 5′ — he’s slim and I’m well rounded ( check out the shape of our faces )  he got a pretty nice singing voice and mine sucks, big time. He knows how to cook and I don’t…he likes vegetables and I don’t.

but we both love to cuddle!

He’s the type of guy, who always says it’s ok or it’s alright sweetie…no problem sweetie…very very thoughtful and caring, the “marry-able” type of guy, I mean seriously he could be the guy that I can spend my whole life with — I know it’s too early to say that, I don’t want to jinx anything –  but I’m really hoping for something great!

Oh well, enough of the mushy words…

After almost 3 years of being single I am now embracing “in a relationship” status – chos!