Family & Summer ♥

Summer’s here fellas!!! Have to walk everyday again with my blue umbrella , ha ha! The 1st few days of summer is kinda weird ’cause it was raining.

But I love summer I have more reasons to eat icecream 😀  unfortunately after having a night swimming the other week I got colds and was coughing for a week – my throat is still a little itchy but I can always ask for dequadin and drink lots and lots of water.

Anyways I’m here again to share some photos, this is what I normally do during “pay day off” (pay day + day off , I think that was pretty easy to figure out).

Sunday as always is family day 🙂

 After attending the Sunday Mass we had our lunch @ Domino’s Pizza

My sister ( Lalayne ) , Mother and Me ♥

JP and Layne

Jo Jo ( joyce and jonathan )

I initially planned of enjoying summer at Villa Quintana unfortunately that Sunday it was on exclusive use, so we thought of something else – good thing we have enough space sa rooftop, we have 2 inflatable pools – one for the kids and one for the kids at heart – ha ha!

ehem, sorry can’t ge enough 🙂

me and my sister 🙂

told ya , it’s also for the kid(s) at heart 🙂

the “real” kids

 my favorite ♥

That’s all for now – xoxo