2012 Mother’s Day Celebration ♥

Yesterday  – Mother’s Day after attending the 10:30 AM Sunday Mass, we had our lunch at Chicboy – thanks to my sister and her partner.

I know I’ve been busy as a bee ( or trying to be ) that’ s why I didn’t have much time to update my blog.

But yesterday, was nothing else but fun! So I thought of sharing some of the photos we got.

– my and my boyfriend, what he’s holding is actually a bottle of chicken oil ( if I remember it right) I kinda don’t like the taste though, but he likes it.

– my sister and her boyfriend ( I’m pretty sure this isn’t the 1st time I had their pictures here in my blog)

– my cousin JR and Mama.

 – me and JR

 – yum yum yum! Mum, feeding him with Liempo.

– huge air conditioner, haha.

♥ our boys ♥

– bon appetit –

– me, mama and my sister –

Nothing can beat a mother’s love, I’m always thankful that she is our mother, wont trade her for anything else.

Thank you Ma for your love and patience, for taking good care of me and Layne, despite all the challenges you’re always there for us.

Thank you for taking care of our boys too &  for being their 2nd Mother.

We love you Mama