Hillsborough and Brother’s Burger Experience…

This has been long overdue…I’ve been thinking of blogging about it few days after this event, but I got busy then I got lazy…then busy again…hi hi… just thought of sharing some of the photos. We kinda wanted to enjoy summer as well but unfortunately our schedule didn’t match the availability of the other members of the team…so since this is “department” event, this serves as a team building as well…so here, went to a resort though it was raining…

Here’s a few pix when we had the ocular visit…

The gazebo ( before )

The swimming pool…

Me, Miminski( pointing & looking at something and IDK what it is ) and Chinchot.

After the ocular visit, we decided to have lunch at brother’s burger.

1st row : Me and Miminski, Zee on emo mode ( he he ) , Keno and Bureche, course that’s not their real names…

2nd row : our food, Me and Miminski shared the huge chicken burger , she had some onion rings , I got fries and we both have lemonade, and then our boss Golem and Chinchot.

3rd row : Caloy after spending almost P300.00 for his meal, miminski again and Keno.

The following pictures will be from the main event , what I mean is our townhall, once a month we gather up to award the people who did a tremendous job at work for the previous month , also to celebrate the birthday celebrants for the current month and just have fun.

It was a day filled with so much fun, food and booze.

We were at the resort since 6AM ( May 28 2012 ) I think since our task is to decorate the place.

Chinchot and Miminski, Chinchot is actually carrying the bouquet that we did on our own.Thanks to youtube 😀 I searched for “how to make tissue paper flowers” and in just a matter of 5 minutes I was able to make one…shared it to the girls and there, we had fun making those flowers in different colors and sizes.

The bouquet ( it’s for Ms.Shindig ) , box of flowers.

Colorful balloons and flags…

The gazebo, we thought of hanging those flowers using a very colorful thread, we put some flowers on the bridge as well but then it rained ( so hard ) so the colors of the flowers somehow got washed away.

Mhai, Zee, Miminski and Me 😀

That’s it, only got a few photos since I still have to work that night, went home at around 4PM.

A few pictures as well from April 2012 Townhall.

It was an all sports theme and we had “golf” for our team.

Caloy and Me as the team reps.

And heads up for my next entry…team goes to Ronco Beach Resort , Calatagan Batangas…

That’s just a sample 😀

Will post more as soon as I have the luxury of time again, time to hit the sack…


Hello June :)

I guess it’s not that late to welcome June – it’s just the 6th anyways 😀

Well I don’t really wanna be a lazy blogger ( not at all ), and to tell you guys honestly I am checking my blog everyday, read as much as I can from the freshly pressed and the bloggers I follow, but decided not to blog about anything ( even though I’m dying to do it ) only because I’m still deleting about 600 unattached photos from my library – remember when I accidentally imported an almost 8,000 photos from my tumblr? I realized that the photos were stuck in my library 2 weeks ago – the pictures alone ate ( lack of a better term ) about 70% from the GB or space ( or whatever that is ) provided for my blog.

WTF right? Told ya I can be stup sometimes! Ha Ha Ha

Anyway, weather & health talk ( can’t help it ) — as expected it’s weird, effin hot during the day, freaking raining at night – so who wouldn’t get sick with this kind of weather? In my 26 years of existence ( geeee im getting old ) I have never been so badly sick – usually I will only get sick 2 to 3 times a year ( sick meaning cough & colds only : hmmm a little flu ) but this year, I think it’s terrible. The 1st 2 weeks of April I got cough & colds…beginning of May I got Tonsilo – pharyngitis, shortly after that I got cough & colds again , with slight fever.

Rainy season just started…gamu-gamo had their feast the other night , the other day frogs were singing…so I’m actually just dropping by to welcome the rainy season. As soon as I’m done deleting those freaking photos I’ll blog more.