Hello June :)

I guess it’s not that late to welcome June – it’s just the 6th anyways 😀

Well I don’t really wanna be a lazy blogger ( not at all ), and to tell you guys honestly I am checking my blog everyday, read as much as I can from the freshly pressed and the bloggers I follow, but decided not to blog about anything ( even though I’m dying to do it ) only because I’m still deleting about 600 unattached photos from my library – remember when I accidentally imported an almost 8,000 photos from my tumblr? I realized that the photos were stuck in my library 2 weeks ago – the pictures alone ate ( lack of a better term ) about 70% from the GB or space ( or whatever that is ) provided for my blog.

WTF right? Told ya I can be stup sometimes! Ha Ha Ha

Anyway, weather & health talk ( can’t help it ) — as expected it’s weird, effin hot during the day, freaking raining at night – so who wouldn’t get sick with this kind of weather? In my 26 years of existence ( geeee im getting old ) I have never been so badly sick – usually I will only get sick 2 to 3 times a year ( sick meaning cough & colds only : hmmm a little flu ) but this year, I think it’s terrible. The 1st 2 weeks of April I got cough & colds…beginning of May I got Tonsilo – pharyngitis, shortly after that I got cough & colds again , with slight fever.

Rainy season just started…gamu-gamo had their feast the other night , the other day frogs were singing…so I’m actually just dropping by to welcome the rainy season. As soon as I’m done deleting those freaking photos I’ll blog more.



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