We’ve heard about this, it was all over the news since it was confirmed that one of the victims is a Fil – Am, I’ve never heard about this girl until I read this blog today as well as the comments. I was moved.

and realized how ironic life can be when I learned that she was on another tragic event before this happened.

Condolences to the family of the victims and hopefully the others will recover soon.

rest in peace, big bird

My mother found the little bird last June 30, saturday. It was raining so hard, and big bird was there gasping for his breath, good thing he fell on the large basin filled with water – forgive me for the not so good grammar, couldn’t think straight, my heart is still broken…

So she took him inside, called my  sister and decided to just keep the bird, we had him in a shoe box, then a small basket, then our friendly neighborhood lend us a huge cage – that was perfect enough so he can jump around and learn how to fly…here are few pix we got.


big bird , 07 02 2012, my sister got some stuff from the old carpet so that it’ll be a little soft for the bird…then she put this entire bowl in a shoe box…

big bird , 07 02 2012, you realized how small he is? I already have small hands myself being 5’2 tall, but I had a bit of a hard time feeding him with my little fingers. I have to be very gentle.

big bird, 07 04 2012, inside my room where he sleeps with me, only that he’s inside his cage.

big bird , 07 05 2012, a bit sleepy…he sleeps most of the time.

big bird in his cage, 07 06 2012

big bird and me…

When Love and Hate Collide…


pssh, I know I told you guys that my next entry will be a tribute to my bird. But I couldn’t help myself, I got so hook in this effin book that I read it for 2 nights only, wasn’t even a full 48 hours since I’m only reading during avail time at work (not reading it when I’m home).

That’s actually the 2nd book, blame it to my boss, he lend me a copy of the 1st one, The It Girl, it was actually his wife’s collection, well he really meant Chinchot to read it, but learning that it is about Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl I decided to read it myself.

While reading the 1st few pages, I was like – this is totally different from the TV show, then I remember the title of the book is “The It Girl” not Gossip Girl, teehihi. But the way they have described Jenny Humphrey is way way way different, Taylor Momsen portrays the role of Little J in GG, and if you know Momsen, she is skinny and tall and a blondie and she uses dark make ups during the last few episodes that she was there, obviously she has changed her “sweet-innocent” look to a grudgy-feeling like a rockstar persona. Oh well, gusto niya yun eh.

But the Jenny H in the novel, as I would have imagine her, she’s the girl on the cover of the 1st book, brunette w/ sexy curls, I would say voluptuous because of her Susie ( her boobs, susie is the term my bf & I use ) , she’s not tall and not overdoing her make-up, and I like the Jenny in the book.

As for the title, well I love and hate reading the book, there were few scenarios that I find boring but a lot of scenarios that makes me excited! As in really really excited that I feel like I’m reading 10 pages or more in just 5 seconds – nah, of course I’m kidding.

The part that makes me bored is when the author is describing every details of whoever-it-is wearing…like the earrings or jewelries,the perfume they’re using, the designer of clothes, brand of shoes even the thongs. I’m like oh my effin ged, I don’t even want to know this stuff, geeeez I’m not used to reading a lot of these actually. You know I can only imagine how it looks like the way they have described the dress itself but I feel like I don’t need to know the brands/designers.

But anyway that makes the story more “juicy” – lack of a better term. Since it’s all about being the ” IT GIRL ” , these are herds of elite people, “blue blooded” people, rick kids, son/daughter of someone famous.

The way I have described it to my friends, it’s like pizza, overloaded with so many stuff that I have to digest even the bell pepper and onion (which I totally hate) before I can even appreciate the goodness of the crust itself! Well the thing is I remove the bell peppers and onions before eating my pizza or I would just order an all-meat pizza 😀

And with all honesty I have read the synopsis for every series (that is available) in wikipedia (thanks to wiki) , just a little sad to know that there were still be “Easy-and-Callie” moments when I want Easy and Jenny together. But hey, since not everything is available online it makes me more excited to read what’s next, who’s gonna fall for that Biatchy Tinsley’s wicked moves….next lovers…how they gonna end their very last year in Waverly and all that…I might buy the 3rd & 4th book at the same , hopefully it’s available in Powerbooks or National Bookstore or in Bestseller.

Hmmm, this gives me an idea as well…why not talk about “highschool” on my next entry, after the tribute to my bird? Right? Good idea? Of course it is! This is my blog anyway 😀

That is only because I never wanted to be an It Girl when I was in high school, I don’t think getting popular was important for me at that time, even when I was in college…and absolutely not now, maybe sometime in the future – chos!

Oh I never meant for this to be such a long entry…oh well, done now!