Off of the hassle and bustle of city life…

I thought this will take me some time to blog about it, but it actually did! Haha, this is the much awaited team outing! After almost half a year of preparing and 2  cancellations, we finally did it! Yeahbah! I did a sneak peak on my last entry though…I was really excited blogging about this, but I waited for the other pictures to be uploaded first so I can check on it and collected all the pictures I want to share. So without further adieu..

This seemed like an endless road, took us a little over 2 hours to get there…

I was a little busy sending messages to my boyfriend who followed us after his work that day – sweeeeeet…..totally!!!

They look seriously funny 😀

Our room : Mhai,Miminski, Me, Gov and Zee 🙂

Miminski, Chinchot, Me and Zee

Having fun…

Sleeping Beauties…

We kinda celebrated Halloween as well with this pic and the next one…

Miminski inside the cabinet…

Outside the trailers…was talking to my bf (again).

Thanks to Chinchot for taking nice pictures of the resort.

This is Totoy Golem , our boss…and that day he was our cook as well. But the boys helped him in preparing our food.

and us girls – hi hi well we just enjoy the moment taking pictures…

Me and Chinchot

We call this “balsa”

the close – up version 🙂

whatever happened there , did not stay there 😀

breakfast with yosi , oh well…

girls again 🙂

my boyfriend took this photo…idk why 🙂

fire tree ( made up name )

Miminski as Lara Croft – kids version , ha ha

 friendly dog

mhm, me and the love of my life, I’m actually wearing his shirt.

– randomness –

this reminds of Dawson’s Creek, Tabing Ilog ( teen show ) and Britney’s song “sometimes”

hi hi i know i’m not sexy,lakas loob lang nag 2 piece 🙂  well my bf told me I’m sexy , I’m cool with that.

– the infinity pool –

my beloved team : serious mode

L to R : Miminski, Zee, Me, Owz, Mhai, Chinchot, Gov, Totoy Golem, Haraboji, DB and Chaloy (in front)

– wacky shot –

– on our way home –

but of course we didn’t go home immediately , I wanted to eat this, one of my favorite treats, vanilla fried icecream with chocolate syrup and crinkles. yummy!

 When we got home I realized that I’ve been a girl scout again for bringing these items :

Mat (plants vs zombies, though I am not a fan of the game) – needed to sleep on the floor with my bf.

pajamas – it was a bit cold.

My mom’s malong – used as a blanket.

2L of bottled water (that was actually my 2nd bottle)

Oh wow, that’s a lot of photos, but on my next entry it’ll be a tribute for my pet for one week, well a little over a week I guess. He passed away today ( july 07, 2012 ) and i feel terribly sad. I couldn’t figure out what happened to him. I will miss him.

that’s it for now, ciao!