rest in peace, big bird

My mother found the little bird last June 30, saturday. It was raining so hard, and big bird was there gasping for his breath, good thing he fell on the large basin filled with water – forgive me for the not so good grammar, couldn’t think straight, my heart is still broken…

So she took him inside, called my  sister and decided to just keep the bird, we had him in a shoe box, then a small basket, then our friendly neighborhood lend us a huge cage – that was perfect enough so he can jump around and learn how to fly…here are few pix we got.


big bird , 07 02 2012, my sister got some stuff from the old carpet so that it’ll be a little soft for the bird…then she put this entire bowl in a shoe box…

big bird , 07 02 2012, you realized how small he is? I already have small hands myself being 5’2 tall, but I had a bit of a hard time feeding him with my little fingers. I have to be very gentle.

big bird, 07 04 2012, inside my room where he sleeps with me, only that he’s inside his cage.

big bird , 07 05 2012, a bit sleepy…he sleeps most of the time.

big bird in his cage, 07 06 2012

big bird and me…

So, what do you think?

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