Ber’s almost here

It’s almost the end of August and I hate to admit that I got a little lazy updating my blog this month, a lot of things happened that made me want to blog but I don’t know , I just feel like not really blogging for a while.

Also the days went by so fast, it feels like we just celebrated my Mother’s birthday yesterday and in a few days we’ll be celebrating my bf’s birthday, whew! The BER months is almost here and sooner or later we’ll be exchanging gifts for Christmas again…the much awaited holiday for Filipinos.

But before I really move on to September, just want to remember a few things that happened this month.

Monsoon rains or “Habagat” , this natural phenomenon caused flash floods in most part of Manila as well as the nearby provinces. You’ve probably seen pictures or videos, it was very terrible,me and my family were lucky enough because we’re far from those places that was greatly affected and up until this point prayers and donations are still on going. I just hope that the victims will recover before Christmas.

In front of our house


– Pictures were taken between 5 to 6 AM, water’s gone before 8AM. I was able to go to work that night, decided to just leave at least 2 hours before my shift starts.

Then on August 11 mama celebrated her fifty something birthday.

Me and my sister, We’re trying to make it seem like it’s a surprise but I guess we’re not good at it. I thought of buying a small cake for Mama since she got cough, then I saw this ube ensaymada that looks really cute because of its purplish color I bought it and put the candles on it so Ma can make a wish 🙂

Me and my sister singing happy birthday…

mama dearest, I am so blessed to have her as my/our mother, She’s a strong woman, having to raise 2 daughters on her own, I am who I am because of her.

Tomorrow (Aug 26) is Mimi’s birthday! She’s been a very good friend to me, always laughing when I’m with her…there’s just no dull moment whenever we’re together.

by the way she’s single…ready to mingle… ha ha!

Then on August 27 is my sweet Jonathan’s birthday! Yey! I bought a few small gifts for him but I still have plans on our next payday, I just want him to really enjoy his day. He is just what I need and I feel so lucky that I have him. I could not ask for anything more.

I love you so much sweetie pie!

And then on August 28 is our 7th month as a couple, half a year already my love, you’re making me fall in love with you like everyday…I know I told you this already but I just feel like telling you again…on our 1st few days I am not really sure how I feel for you, I was a little scared that it might not work because you’re totally different from the guys that I used to like/love, I was afraid that I might get hurt… afraid that I might hurt you as well if it didn’t work out..I didn’t want to get my hopes high but I remember reading something like when you fall in love, you’re taking a risk…you get miserable or vulnerable.

I guess it was really a leap of faith…I didn’t know where the hell I got the courage to take the risk of falling in love and allowing my heart to make decisions.

But it’s amazing how you took away all my anxieties. You love me despite of my flaws and imperfections.

You make me happy all the time, I never felt something like this before and I don’t want this to end. I will love you always and forever sweetheart…

I guess that’s about it for this month…ciao for now!