KISS rock concert – Team Tonyo’s Version

Hope you’ll enjoy the bad-ass photos 😀

♦ That’s the end of their performance, there were a few twist with the way they represent the band but it was funny and we know for a fact that the audience really enjoyed the show!

♦ Posing like a real winner here.

♦ After their performance, watching the other teams do their thing and just to introduce them , if I got it all right they’re (fr left to right) DB as the Spaceman, Kenshi as the Demon, Caloy as Catman, Oz as the Starchild and the latest member that is only in Team Tonyo is none other than Tonyo himself as Po-Ker ( “Po” from the Kung Fu Panda and “Ker” from Joker (Batman series) and this is just one of the funny twist they did )

♦ there he is : PoKer 😀

Caloy as “catman” – he pretty much painted himself on his own 😀 , kinareer talaga.

Kenshi as the Demon , me and Mhai painted his face but it is obvious that the paint is starting to fall off.

That’s it, we had so much fun preparing for this event more so when they’re already performing…can’t wait for the next bonggang-bonggang townhall!

To celebrate Thanksgiving we’ll have a masquerade ball for November…exciting!

So, what do you think?

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