At Manila Ocean Park


We spent one day at Manila Ocean Park. The kids enjoyed it and so are we 😀 , we took a lot of photos of the different species of fish but of course I wont be able to upload all of them, there’s like a hundred pictures and I think a thousand species of fish and we’re not able to take pics of all the fish in there…it’s just too many.

We love to go back there, maybe next year…don’t have any definite plans yet.

Here’s a slideshow 🙂

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We really had a great time 🙂

I’m thinking where else to go, next time…I thought that it would be a good idea to start travelling within Manila for now, then maybe somewhere up north like Ilocos or Laoag…or maybe in Pangasinan where my grandparents are.

Just a thought…ciao!




Ok, so we’re almost at the end of September…and in about 2 weeks I will have my super duper grande vacation…yeah in my 6 years of working this will be the 1st time that i’ll be off from work for 10 days, we used to have 5 days core but I think it was a year or two ago that they decided to change it.

That’s mandatory people and if it wasn’t I wont take it…I didn’t take my core leave last year because I didn’t have enough leaves left which is fine with me , I’d rather have leaves at least once or twice a month than none at all just because I used up my leave credit for “my core leave” , oh well. Changes, changes, changes…

But anyways, reason why I’m excited is because my cousin is getting married 😀 finally after all these years…he and ate Kute’s been together for so many years now and we’re really really glad that they’re tying the knot. Yey! Although I’m not part of the entourage ( my sister is ) I’m just excited to wear something fashionably nice.

I’ve collected a few pics of the dress that I wanted to wear. My mum, will do it for me, I am so damn lucky to have a “dressmaker” mama, hi hi.

I think Scarlett’s top would be nice…

or this one… they have a bit of resemblance right? Hi hi, but I don’t know I haven’t really decided yet…I think they both look cute.

and this will be my skirt…only in lavender

So what do you think?

I still need to buy shoes or sandals, or maybe not…I have white sandals that are totally cute!

I’ve watched several youtube videos about “how to put on make up” because I don’t know how and I don’t think hiring a make-up artist is necessary , I’m sure I can learn how to put it on myself, hey I was able to learn how to make tissue paper flowers in youtube, that was so cool!

I am also looking for ideas on what to do with my hair, just had a haircut 2 weeks ago ( I think ) 

my new hair, I tried to imitate hers but decided not to curl mine. Oh btw, that’s my baby cousin…saw himself on the camera 😀

There’s a lot of things I’m excited to do for the wedding.

The only thing I’m worried about is the possibility that my father will be there too…with his mistress, have to make sure my mom is elegantly beautiful. But don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my father though he left us twice, he is still after all the other person who brought me to life, I just don’t know how to go about it…should we all pretend that he doesn’t exist…should I say hi..should I even look at him?

I don’t want to worry about that but I can’t help it, let’s just hope his mistress wont make a scene, that’s my cousin’s wedding and weddings should be really nice.

We’ll stay away from trouble.

No matter what I’m still excited! I don’t have any other plans yet for my 10 days off, the wedding will be out of town so I think that’s cool enough and I don’t intend on going somewhere else, but I might change my mind 😀 ciao!