Tummy Talks (3)

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good. My grand vacation is almost over, I’ll be back to work on Monday, so I may not be able to update this blog as much as I did for the last 2 weeks,but I will do my very best to make sure that it’ll be updated at least once a week or maybe every after 2 weeks, we’ll see.

Oh yeah, my cousin’s wedding did pretty well except for one thing, but I will definitely have a separate discussion about that , we’re also waiting for some of the pics so I can share it here 😀

So obviously this is another episode for “tummy talks” 🙂

Brother’s Burger Meal

Here is our order, actually shared this meal with my friend Mimi, we were trying to reduce or “on a diet” and we know for a fact that the burgers there are quite bigger , also it has some veggies so I definitely need to give the veggies to someone.

The french fries are mine, the onion rings were Mimi’s, we both have lemonade and the chicken burger, I forgot the dressing they’ve put in there, but it was good.

Team Tonyo’s BB experience

That’s about it for brother’s burger experience. 🙂 that was on May 06 2012

The following pictures were taken last June 30 2012

Fruits in icecream

My favorite!I believe I blogged about fruits in icecream before, they have lots of icecream flavors but cookies & cream is really my all time favorite, I’ve tried their avocado flavor before it was so delicious!

food trip

Our “normal food trip” , why did I say that? Because most of the time whenever we would hang out this is what we would have, the white stuff on the left are singkamas with bagoong, we have squid balls with sweet sauce or sometimes we would mix it with the spicy sauce…then we have pork wanton with spicy sauce (on the right side). Dumplings are also my favorite! We like dumplings from Paotsin, they also have a lot of dumplings….they have crab, pork, shrimp…even sharksfin.


That’s about it for  now, I’m gonna go back to my bed and sleep again…I’ve taken a medication for flu so it makes me wants to sleep like all day long.

Thanks again guys!



Tummy Talks (2)

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I know I told you guys I’ll be back in just a few hours but it took a day before I was able to blog again. Me and my sister bought a few more stuffs for the wedding, I’m actually planning of taking a few photos to share and I will probably do so in a few days.

And I also wanted to say thank you for everybody who liked the 1st part of “Tummy Talks”, I really really appreciate it and I figured that “food” is actually one of the main topics in blogosphere, so I’m really glad that I came into this idea of blogging about food. So to everyone who visited, liked and followed me…here’s a warm bear hug for you all.

and of course,

love you all!

So without further due  here is the 2nd part of “tummy talks” and just to let you guys know this is really my favorite…it doesn’t matter where it came from as long as it’s pizza (ALL MEAT) I will definitely eat it, Anaconda (my tummy) loves it very much!

: March 3 2012 , Pizza Hut with my friends

Mozzarella Sticks

Oh yeah, I love mozzarella too!

Bacon & Cheese Lovers

This is my 2nd favorite from Pizza Hut, the 1st is their all meat / meat lovers pizza.

Joyce and Fettuccine Alfredo

Another favorite, if I can only eat 2 types of food everyday I would definitely choose Pizza and Pasta, I know carbs-galore but it is so eff-in good!

my friend “Zee”

I forgot what she ordered, but I obviously it is pasta.

my friend “Mimi”

She got Penne something pasta, can’t remember as well 🙂

Anaconda was very happy after our meal.

A month after we all decided to try MAGNUM, ice cream coated with yummy Belgian chocolate (sinful food), it was something new at that time and everybody wanted to try it as soon as possible and it’s so funny because people who tried Magnum took pictures of themselves and then share it in FB or Twitter or somewhere else,so we thought of doing the same thing.

Magnum Experience

as you can see, Zee got chocolate truffle, I got classic & Mimi got the Almond flavor, it was so effin good as well but then it is something that you wouldn’t want to eat everyday…

So that’s about it, thank you guys again for checking on my blog 🙂



Just Chilling…

Hey, how are you guys? Hope you’re all doing well, as for me I’m still chilling, for me it seems like the days went by pretty slow I get to enjoy moments with my family (super!). I’m now on my 2nd week of “Core Leave”, after this week I’ll be back to work again, this is like a mix of emotions…I miss going to work (that’s honestly speaking) but at the same time I am enjoying not going to work…

But if you must know what I have been doing aside from blogging and editing pictures, well I’ve been cleaning some of the stuff that we have at home, including our room, I’m checking out on things that I’m not using anymore so I can donate them maybe in the future…pretty much pre-occupied preparing stuff for the wedding, Mama’s making our dresses 🙂 and I can’t wait to try my new dress. I saw my sister’s dress,(she’s going to light the candles) and it looks alright for her, Mama’s dress is really elegant,I love it!

Mama will represent my Aunt who’s not able to come because she’s in CA (so sad) she will also lead the prayer for the newly weds at the reception, while I’m going to read the gospel, I am a bit nervous about it but I think I can handle that,

So yeah, that’s what’s keeping us busy, but not really…I still have time to be lazy 😀

Yesterday after attending the Mass, we went on “silver sandals hunting” for my sister , we found some cool stuff also in that place I wish I could just take a lot of photos but I couldn’t …we’re in a bit of a hurry, but I love the following pic.

This is really my favorite, I will definitely buy one of these (or maybe 2 or 3), a very huge cup! Good thing I thought of bringing my camera, I always bring it every Sunday since it’s family day I knew that we might be doing something cool!

I like the color of that cup,perfect for Christmas 😀

I know it is something big but I find it really really cute! It seems like the word cute is meant for something tiny or whatever…I really love this cup!

So there I was, pretending to be drinking when in fact the cup is empty, my little cousin is watching me 😀 behind me are the other huge cups, yes they’re for sale for only P299.00 each..that is cheap! That’s why I thought of buying a lot sooner or later 😀

my BF trying the silver cup 🙂

My sister with the huge spoon…

Ok,those are not really huge cups…who would dare to drink coffee with that huge cup…I mean someone can try but might end up palpitating or something.

Those were plant pots, actually have holes on the bottom so you can’t put any liquid stuff in it….really cool!

So that’s about it..but I will be back soon because I’m all set for “Tummy Talks (2)”, so talk to you guys later…



Tummy Talks


Before I show you guys the 1st pic, just want to let you know first that I kinda had a hard time thinking of the best title for this entry, I want something catchy or funny, something that I can really say “hey, this is mine!”.

“Tummy Talks” will be a regular topic here in my blog obviously it’s about “FOOD”, oh glorious food… I love eating and I like the idea of trying out different cuisine at least once in a while.

My 1st idea for a title is actually, Whatcha eatin’ Joyce? , then I thought Watch what I’m eating – it didn’t seem to be too catchy…then I remember I call my stomach “Anaconda” because I tend to eat a lot sometimes that it seems like I have something inside that needs to be fed like every now and then…so I just thought of calling my stomach/tummy anaconda…but having “Anaconda talks” doesn’t sound so cool as a a title , and some people might think that I am blogging about “real anacondas” so this led me to TUMMY TALKS 😀

Dairy Queen Treats 🙂

Pic Taken : 02 25 2012

with my friends : Mimi and her heart shaped Dilly Bar (Valentine’s Special Offer) , Zee and her DQ biscuit , mine was the regular Dilly Bar which has been my favorite since then.



When was the last time you cried?

You cried not because you were heartbroken but because you saw a sad movie or TV show?

I did a few hours ago, while I was watching Glee “The Break Up” episode, and this is  the 2nd time I cried watching that show.

The 1st was during Rachel & Finn’s pseudo break up at the train station, that was awful, it’s Lea Michele’s fault she was so good in acting, really made me cry, it’s as if her emotions were so real…she’s really feeling it, in Filipino, “may pinaghuhugutan“, she is really good in what she’s doing.

In this episode, I cried while Blaine was singing “Teenage Dream”

picture from rickey.org

For some reason, whenever I would see & hear Blaine sing I am being moved. He definitely have a great voice, his facial expressions while singing is spot on!

I love Blaine or should I say Darren Criss, I think he got an amazing voice, I’m not saying this because he’s a Filipino (actually a Eurasian according to Wikipedia), but I’m sure everyone agrees that he is a very talented guy.

I was literally crying while watching him.

Then I cried again while Santana’s singing “Mine” by Taylor Swift, I think Naya Rivera sang it very well that it sounded better compared to Taylor Swift, there are moments like that right? Naya also have a very wonderful voice and while she was singing it,she’s like teary-eyed, she can really feel the message of the song, that moment was so sad.

So I thought of having the video here in my blog, this is my favorite song in this episode.

And the part that I cried the most was, when Rachel confronted (I can’t think of a more appropriate term) Finn, when Rachel was telling Finn that he made her feel “loved”, that he made her feel sexy and visible and that he was her 1st love and wants him to be the last…and then bam! she can’t do it anymore…and then they started singing “the scientist” which was my all time favorite ( I love Coldplay btw )

This episode is heavy drama…oh well so much for my Monday blues.


Hiatus Mode

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are doing ok ’cause I’m doing so great now that my vacation started, well technically it started yesterday but I did so many things I got so tired so I slept for almost 11 hours, I don’t even remember my bf coming home last night, when I woke up to pee like around 11 PM he was sleeping beside me already.

So yeah, I am on hiatus mode (from work) for 16 days 🙂

Last week at work was a bit challenging (it always is) , I think I did pretty well on my last day, I hope it’ll help me a lot, oh but I don’t want to think about work now that I’m on vacation..so no, I wont blog about it no matter how freaking worried I am about my stats.

So what are my plans for my vacation? A lot!

There’s so much to do I just don’t know where and how to start. I’ve thought of cleaning my room and the entire house in preparation for the holiday, I wanted to start cleaning as early as tomorrow, but then again Mum told me we need to go check our electric bill tomorrow , then we have an appointment with our new dentist on Tuesday…and then I need to do the laundry.

If payday is on Friday (I do hope so) me and the girls will go out again on Saturday, speaking of the girls, I realized that we all love eating, it’s like every payday we would treat ourselves eating something nice, we would try foods from places we’ve never been before and I think it’s cool. Gov (not her real name of course) would tell us something about this place where foods are great and then we would try it, we get ideas from her.

If everything goes well, we’ll be at Northpark, though I’ve been there a few times, Mimi wanted to try their crispy noodles so we might go there. And since I’m always taking pictures whenever we would eat out I’ll be posting our pictures here, the title will always be “what are we eating?” or maybe not, I’ll think of a better title 🙂

While I’m trying to do all of these, I will of course keep you guys posted (as if you’re interesting) I will also update my other blogs here.

http://awesomelysweetinfinity.wordpress.com/  – this is about me and my bf, I’ve been wanting to create a blog about us so I can share our pics together, I don’t share everything in facebook , ha ha I don’t know why.

http://randomsweetclicks.wordpress.com/ – in here are just random pics that I take, something new or something old, something cute or weird, something that I like.

So while I’m on vacation I’ll try to be as normal as the other people, ever since I started working I feel like I’m a vampire, awake at night , asleep during the day.

I feel sleepy now, so I’m just gonna take a nap 🙂