Hiatus Mode

Hey everyone! I hope you guys are doing ok ’cause I’m doing so great now that my vacation started, well technically it started yesterday but I did so many things I got so tired so I slept for almost 11 hours, I don’t even remember my bf coming home last night, when I woke up to pee like around 11 PM he was sleeping beside me already.

So yeah, I am on hiatus mode (from work) for 16 days 🙂

Last week at work was a bit challenging (it always is) , I think I did pretty well on my last day, I hope it’ll help me a lot, oh but I don’t want to think about work now that I’m on vacation..so no, I wont blog about it no matter how freaking worried I am about my stats.

So what are my plans for my vacation? A lot!

There’s so much to do I just don’t know where and how to start. I’ve thought of cleaning my room and the entire house in preparation for the holiday, I wanted to start cleaning as early as tomorrow, but then again Mum told me we need to go check our electric bill tomorrow , then we have an appointment with our new dentist on Tuesday…and then I need to do the laundry.

If payday is on Friday (I do hope so) me and the girls will go out again on Saturday, speaking of the girls, I realized that we all love eating, it’s like every payday we would treat ourselves eating something nice, we would try foods from places we’ve never been before and I think it’s cool. Gov (not her real name of course) would tell us something about this place where foods are great and then we would try it, we get ideas from her.

If everything goes well, we’ll be at Northpark, though I’ve been there a few times, Mimi wanted to try their crispy noodles so we might go there. And since I’m always taking pictures whenever we would eat out I’ll be posting our pictures here, the title will always be “what are we eating?” or maybe not, I’ll think of a better title 🙂

While I’m trying to do all of these, I will of course keep you guys posted (as if you’re interesting) I will also update my other blogs here.

http://awesomelysweetinfinity.wordpress.com/  – this is about me and my bf, I’ve been wanting to create a blog about us so I can share our pics together, I don’t share everything in facebook , ha ha I don’t know why.

http://randomsweetclicks.wordpress.com/ – in here are just random pics that I take, something new or something old, something cute or weird, something that I like.

So while I’m on vacation I’ll try to be as normal as the other people, ever since I started working I feel like I’m a vampire, awake at night , asleep during the day.

I feel sleepy now, so I’m just gonna take a nap 🙂


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